10 facts about the ability of dogs to feel that we don’t know

Dogs can sense the sadness, pre-detect the owner’s cancer, and even know earthquakes and lightning.

1. Know when the boss is pregnant

With their super-sensitive sense of smell, dogs can smell hormone changes in a woman’s body, as well as sense the change from their gait to their emotions while they’re pregnant pregnancy.

When the woman is about to give birth, it will listen attentively to and observe what its owner has to say and do and often show anxiety. It is interesting not when the first person finds out the baby is about to greet inside the womb is a dog, not a human!

2. Understand the owner’s sadness

Dog has long been known as a sensitive species of human emotions. If you are sad, it will comfort you by placing its head on your lap and licking you affectionately. So why can they sense human emotions?

Research shows that a part of dogs’ brain is similar to that of humans, they have the ability to ‘read’ people’s emotions through their voices. Besides, over thousands of years living with people, they gradually adapt to people through the evolutionary awareness of human emotions and intentions.

3. Feel the human fear

Why? Also with the dogs’ super-sensitive sense of smell (millions of times more sensitive than a human’s nose), they can literally smell our fear.

That fear is manifested in bodily phenomena such as sweating, faster blood pumping, and the body’s release of the hormones adrenaline and pheromones into the air and into their noses. Not only feel it with their nose, their eyes are also ‘radar’ of them. The dogs will observe your facial expression, breathing, standing (walking, running).

4. Warning when someone is about to have epilepsy

Up to now, there are many cases of being saved by ‘puppy’. Among them were the cases of epilepsy that were saved by dogs.

Trained dogs can warn you when you will have an epileptic seizure in the next 10-20 minutes, enough time to take your medication or ask someone for help. If you have an epileptic seizure they will try to protect you, save you from danger by pressing the built-in emergency call button or rocking you to easy-to-breathe places, running to seek help from everyone. .

5. Detect cancer

When people have lung cancer and breast cancer, their breathing will be slightly different from the breath of normal people. And thanks to this super-sensitive nostril, trained dogs can tell the difference. Not only that, they also detect skin cancer through smelling through wounds on the skin and prostate cancer through smelling… the patient’s urine.

Dogs can recognize cancer cells in the human body

And of course their accuracy is also very reliable: 98%. The discovery of this ability in dogs will be a promising new step in future science and medicine.

6. Diabetes

With this ‘miraculous’ nose, dogs once again save people’s lives from the episodes of hypoglycemia in our body. They will use their noses to smell the changes in your breathing and skin when the amount of hypoglycemia abruptly occurs – just like policemen measuring the alcohol in the breath of sneaky drivers. .

In 2004, a diabetes detection dog training organization called “Diabetes Dog” (D4D) was launched, and the dog training was quite high and the training quality was very good.

7. Weather forecast

The dog can forecast all kinds of weather from rain, storm, tornado to snow. They can predict weather like this because their ability to hear, smell is far more than we are. They can smell rain and even the smell of ozone in the air produced by lightning before lightning can be seen.

Dogs can smell the ozone from the lightning before we see it (thunderbolt).

In addition, research also shows that the older the forest the more spicy, the more the dogs experience in sensing the weather, the more signs of weather change are known.

8. Earthquake

This is also not uncommon for the dog to have the ability to predict an impending earthquake. But what is special is that humans have been using them for predictive purposes like this thousands of years ago. They raise them with other animals for the purpose of signaling natural disasters.

In it, dogs have quite hearing ears, so they can hear underground movements. They will bark or howl while running or be next to their owner. In addition, they often keep bull-eared dogs for forecasting disasters because they hear better than dogs with soft ears.

9. Harmful insects

With stink bugs, you can completely find and destroy it because of its unpleasant stench, but for things that almost don’t smell like termites, ants … it’s really ‘hands’.

Being bitten by termites or bed bugs is an obsession of many people.

However, if you own a dog, take it to the training center so that it learns the ability to find and catch termites and bed bugs. It can find out where the insects are hiding and the eggs of those nasty insects. However, the dog’s luring skill is higher when it is well trained and the handler must be good too.

10. Killer virus enemies are threatening bees

Currently, the number of bees is decreasing and partly by humans, but partly by nature, especially by bacteria. This bacteria ‘foulbrood’ can kill bee larvae at any time and spread from hives to hives. This greatly affects the ecological environment as well as on honey production farms.

So the experts got in, and they discovered a way to fix this bacterium. The first is that they will have dogs trained to find this bacterium that does not travel with bees from the hive. Then they destroyed them. And of course so that the dogs don’t get stung by the bees, they’ll just let them ‘work’ when the bees are inactive – during the cold months of the year.

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