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10-Year-Old POWERHOUSE surprises EVERYONE in The Voice Kids

Starting with the high tempo hit ‘Traffic Lights’, Anisa delivered one of the strongest starts of the season. The energy this young lady put into her performance electrified the room, earning her two chair rotations and a spot on ‘Team Mark’.

Next, Anisa and other contestants Kayla and Sienna took to the stage to mix their voices while showing off their group and solo skills with the Spice Girls hit ‘Wannabe’. on this iconic song, making most of the audience stand up while singing and dancing along.

Just when you thought she couldn’t get any better, Mark’s coachability and Anisa’s passion for dance folk songs really shined with her performance of ‘Traffic Lights’ more wonderful than ever. This sensational performer’s appearance was absent as she set fire to the stage in ‘The Voice Kids Sing Offs.’

The TNT Boys Sing Beyonce’s Listen in an amazing show-stopper that will leave you speechless.

Sibora – “I’m Sorry” – The Voice Kids of Albania.

Courtney Hadwin ‘Voice’ Kid Turns Gets Rockstar Status With Her Powerful Voice

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