2 bees join forces to open the lid soft drink bottle

The bee is a very social insect. Recently, in Brazil, someone filmed the scene of two bees working together to open the lid of a soft drink bottle, making many viewers feel very hard to believe.

This short video was shot in São Paulo on May 17. In the video, there is a bottle of carbonated orange juice Fanta placed on the road, and two bees are clinging to the cap of the bottle as if wanting to drink the water inside. They latched on to the right and left sides of the bottle cap to rotate, and within minutes they opened.

The woman who recorded this clip said that she received this soft drink bottle from a customer, during her lunch break, she opened it to take a few sips, then closed the lid and conveniently left it on the side of the road. The bee wants to drink water.

While filming the clip, she joked: “These bees are working together to steal my soft drink!”

This clip has attracted a lot of enthusiastic comments from netizens. Someone said that he knew bees were always very united, but he had never seen a picture like this before. There are also people who pretend to be two bees and say, “Humans have taken our honey, so we will also take this (water bottle).”

Previously, there was also a video posted online showing a swarm of bees working together to open the cap of a honey bottle and this video also made viewers feel very hard to believe.

In the video there are some bees surrounding the lid of the honey bottle, they keep pushing the lid and not long after they make the cap fall off.

Many people really don’t understand why bees know how to open the lid. Is it because they are so smart? Or because they observe and learn from human actions?

The British newspaper The Independent quoted the invertebrate biologist Marc Srour as saying that bees, ants and termites are all highly intelligent, because they have to recognize their fellow humans. in the cave and often communicate with each other.

A study by the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology also found that bees may be smarter than we thought. They can do basic math after being trained.

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