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200,000 flags representing the number of Americans killed in the pandemic will ‘attend Biden’s inauguration

Photo: Reuters.
About 200,000 flags are partially installed covering the National Mall, representing those unable to get to Washington D.C to attend Joe Biden’s inauguration on Wednesday January 20.

According to the Presidential Inauguration Committee, the design was chosen with the theme “United States of America” for the inauguration week, displaying 191,500 flags and 56 light columns, representing US states and territories. .

The commission told the AP that the theme of this inauguration week reflects the start of a new national journey, as well as a way of showing respect for those who must keep social distance. may attend due to COVID-19. It can be said that this is the most secluded inauguration in US history.

This “Field of flags” stretches from 3rd Street to 13th Street in downtown Washington, DC.

Sponsors of the flags will receive exclusive sponsorship certificates, the President’s Inauguration Committee said.

The Commission is planning a virtual inauguration this year due to ongoing public health concerns regarding the Wuhan pneumonia pandemic (COVID-19) and what law enforcement officials The law stated that the risk of political violence increased prior to this event. There is a high security presence across the city following the deadly riots at the Capitol earlier this month.

In September, 20,000 American flags were also placed on the National Mall to commemorate the more than 200,000 Americans who died from the pandemic.

Photo of “Field of Flag” in Washington on January 19, 2021 (Source: Reuters).

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