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2020 U.S. election: President Trump vowed to easily win Biden if the vote was legal

On November 5, President Donald Trump suggested he would continue to fight despite races in several key states which showed his narrower path to victory. The White House boss confirmed that the election results had been manipulated.

If you count the number of legal votes I win easily. If you count the illegal votes, the race will run with Democratic candidate Joe Biden, ”Trump said around 6:45 pm Nov. 5.

President Trump added that he would defend the integrity of this election, because of its importance. “They are trying to organize an election,” he said, arguing that Democrats in Detroit and Philadelphia are trying to manipulate the outcome of a White House race.

“We want to be open and transparent, not to vote mystery, nor to vote illegal after polling day. We thought we would win the election easily because his team has too much evidence, too much evidence, ”he said.

Trump pointed out that he had won the state of Iowa, Indiana, Ohio and Florida despite historical meddling from the media, the big oligarchs and tech giants and polls. impose. He cites agency polls saying he was 17 points behind Biden in Wisconsin. So far, data shows Biden only has a lead of around 20,000 votes.

The US president said his campaign supervisors were not authorized in some key regions, adding that his votes dropped suspiciously after the night of November 3. Postal voting is a “corrupt system” and makes “people corrupt”, he said.

“The mailed ballots are catastrophic,” Trump said. We cannot be tainted with something like that ”.

Trump also hailed a massive red wave towards the House of Representatives and which has been properly recognized by the media, noting that the Senate can maintain the majority of its GOP members.

Mr. Trump last appeared in public on the morning of November 4 at the White House, where he delivered a speech and said some votes should be stopped and accused Democrats of cheating voters.

On the morning of November 5, Democratic candidate Biden told reporters in his home state Delaware that his campaign believed he would be the winner after the votes were counted.

“We have no doubts that at the end of the countdown Senator Harris and I will be declared the winners. So I ask people to stay calm, people to stay calm. The process is working. The count is underway and we’ll find out soon enough, ”Biden said.

He again stressed that every vote should be counted, adding that “democracy is sometimes messy. It also sometimes takes a little patience.

As of November 5, the counting of votes was still in progress in the states: Nevada, Arizona, North Carolina, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Alaska.

Trump’s 2020 campaign has sued Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, and Michigan to demand an end to the vote count and better access to the counting process.

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