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21 photos show that animals also have the spirit of mutual love

Many people believe that animals have no thinking, no emotions like humans. However, reality has proven the opposite, animals also have emotions and they manifest in many different ways, just humans do not understand their language and actions.

Here are 21 photos that prove animals also have a spirit of mutual help, when friends, fellow humans, even other species need help, they are also ready to reach out to help. Sometimes, they even do better than who we are today. Watch and ponder together.

1. The puppies are helping the master to wake up


2. The hen is protecting 2 kittens in the storm


3. The horse is helping the puppy from drowning     (Photo:

4. If you want to eat leaves from above, then climb on my back (Photo:

5. Chicken and goose take care of 3 ducklings together   (Photo:

6. I want to help with chores


7. Swans are raising fish


8. Give me your hand


9. Crows and vultures seem to be good friend     (Photo:

10. The bear generously picked up the crow from the water

11. You just gave birth to a baby, let me take care of the mother and daughter     (Photo:

12. Hold hands together!


13. The dog is feeding the orphan sheep Photo:

14. Let me help

15. Team spirit Fighting 
16. The baboon outside is scaring the Cheetah, saving the antelope for a life       Photo:
17. Two newborn lambs are drinking cow’s milk
(Photo: xn – 80adkkpjedblumg0k.xn – p1ai)
18. The hound is caring for a herd of rabbits
19. The rabbit takes care of the kittens
20. The mother cat becomes the nanny of 2 ducklings(Photo:

21. The gorilla is both a mother and a friend, always caring and protecting the kitten

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