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3 countries using China’s vaccine have an increase in the number of infections “pass whole chart”

The Chinese-made COVID-19 vaccine is considered to be of low effectiveness, further raising safety concerns. Recently, according to a report by JPMorgan Chase, showed that many countries after China finished vaccination, within 7 days the number of new infections not only did not decrease but increased, even 3 countries had the number of cases Confirmed infections increase in a straight line.

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On June 11, the official website of JPMorgan Chase Corporation in the US published a “vaccination update” report, this report listed 18 countries in Europe, America and China about the situation. change in the number of new infections increased in 7 days after vaccination.

The report shows that, after Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Hungary, Maldives, Bahrain, UAE, Seychelles and Namibia implemented vaccination against China, only Hungary the number of confirmed cases decreased after 7 days, while the number of confirmed cases in other countries not only did not decrease but on the contrary increased.

Among the countries with an increase in the number of confirmed cases, Bahrain, the Maldives and the Seychelles are the most serious. In the statistical chart of the published report, the line depicting the number of infections increased at times beyond the chart. The epidemic situation has decreased in European and American vaccine countries such as the US, UK, Israel, etc. (Photo: JPMorgan Chase)

Many countries vaccinated China, the number of new infections in 7 days not only did not decrease but also increased, of which 3 countries increased sharply. (Photo: JPMorgan Chase).

Doctor Thi Canh Trung (Jin-Chung Shih, Taiwan) wrote on Facebook that this chart of JPMorgan Chase can let those who want to go to China and Europe and America get vaccinated “consider first”.

Before that, countries such as Chile, Bahrain and Seychelles after deploying the Chinese vaccine, the situation of COCID-19 epidemic did not decrease but also increased.

Hungary chose to inject China’s Sinopharm vaccine, although after the injection, the number of infections did not increase clearly, but as of May 1, this country has become a country with the highest mortality rate. highest in the world. For every 100,000 people, 285 people die from infection.

Chile deploys vaccination against China, almost all patients over 70 years old die

According to a research report by vaccine data site Our World In Data, of those who get the vaccine, 90% are vaccinated with Sinovac China. Among the new increased cases of infection in this country, there were nearly 4000 cases from the beginning of February, by the end of March it had increased to 5000 cases, an increase of nearly 30%.

On May 17, Al Jazeera television reported that although most of the population in Chile had been vaccinated, the disease prevention was full of people, leading to a public health crisis. Dr Ugarte said that almost all of the patients aged 70 and over in this country died, of which the vast majority had been vaccinated.

The local ICU doctor also said that although prevention doubled, the rate of hospital bed usage was still full, among which many people were over 70 years old, after receiving the last Sinovac Chinese vaccine. still die from the disease, there are many young patients with severe symptoms.

Two countries have the highest injection rates in the world but the results are contradictory 

On May 12, according to the New York Times, the main vaccine that Israel vaccins against is Pfizer’s vaccine, and also approved Moderna’s vaccine, currently the vaccination rate is up to 60%. The country has the second largest vaccination rate in the world. The number of confirmed cases per day from nearly 10,000 at the peak of January has dropped to now only 50 to less than 100, almost trending towards zero.

Seychelles is a small island country in the Indian Ocean. This country mainly uses Chinese vaccines. In which, 57% have been vaccinated with Sinopharm, 43% have been vaccinated with AstraZeneca. Although the vaccination rate is the highest in the world, recently the epidemic situation in this country has tended to increase. In addition, according to Reuters, in a week, in 10,000, there were 1223 infected people, this rate is also the highest in the world.

According to the Seychelles Ministry of Health, of the newly confirmed infections, 37% have completed 2 vaccinations, while the protection rate of Sinopharm China vaccine is only about 50%, which seems low. much higher than the figure given by this manufacturer of 78.1%. Therefore, this data has raised concerns about the protection rate of Sinopharm’s vaccines.

The Seychelles Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Tourism stated that because everyone thinks that after vaccination, it is possible to relax and feel that everything is fine, which ultimately caused the COVID-19 epidemic to increase sharply. At the hospital in the capital Victoria, the number of patients has increased sharply, to slow the spread of the virus, the local government has forced shops and bars to close early, and at the same time banned gatherings and playing sports. sports, and cultural and artistic activities. At the same time, stop teaching and learning activities until May 23, maintaining an 11-hour curfew.

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