3-year-old girl sings lullabies to sleeping horses “In the Sweetest Viral Video”

Kelli Thomas was working around her family farm in Roma, Australia in June when her 3-year-old daughter Myf climbed a pole and started singing. Their two horses, Chester and Teddy, were curious about what she was doing, so they walked around and listened to her sweet song.

Lucky for us, Kelli was able to capture this adorable moment on video, and now it’s bringing smiles to people around the world. It shows the two horses gathered around Myf, whose singing voice is just about the sweetest thing there is.

Chester and Teddy are gentle giants and seem perfectly at ease with their little human sister. They even rest their faces against hers as they doze off in the soft sunlight.

“The horses approached to investigate and ended up being serenaded asleep,” Kelli said later. “Just a quiet winter afternoon after feeding the cattle. She is an Australian country girl who loves having her animals around her.

It’s hard not to melt in a puddle the second you hear Myf’s adorable little voice and see her stroke her horse friends’ faces. What a special moment! We are delighted to have been able to witness the action of this budding horse whisperer.

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