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38 people were shot dead during a March 3 protest in Myanmar

Police cracked down on crowds with tear gas in Yangon, Myanmar on 03/03/2021. (Photo: Maung Nyan / Shutterstock).

Since the Myanmar military government suddenly launched a coup so far, the situation has become increasingly chaotic. Military police once used real bullets to quell protesters. According to UN officials, the military government has stepped up the repression of the people, with at least 38 people killed in protest activities on March 3. The United Nations considered it the “bloodiest day” Myanmar has paid since the military coup so far. On March 3, a 19-year-old Chinese Burmese girl, Ma Kyal Sin, was shot in the neck by military police and sadly died.

UN Special Envoy for Myanmar Affairs Christine Schraner Burgener quoted weapons experts as saying the recorded video showed police officers using 9mm submachine guns and firing live bullets at protesters. Weapons experts have reviewed this video.

Christine Schraner Burgener said another video showed that a protester who had not been arrested was taken away by police and then hit by a bullet from a distance of around 3 feet (around 0.91m). Another video shows Burmese troops chasing a Protestant and firing real bullets at him, while beating medical personnel.

At United Nations Headquarters in New York on Wednesday March 3, Christine Schraner Burgener said: “Today is the bloodiest day since the February 1 coup. Today, just today, 38 people have died. Since the coup so far, more than 50 people have been killed, many more have been injured. “

Myanmar local media reported that due to the chaotic situation, it is difficult to determine the exact death toll at various locations on March 3. According to the Myanmar Children’s Relief Society, one day at least 4 children die, including a 14-year-old boy.

Radio Free Asia reported that this boy was shot in the head and died by a soldier in a military car, the soldier put the boy’s body on the truck and took it away.

On Wednesday, March 4, Twitter user @KOKANG OF MYANMAR shared a photo showing military police dragging the bodies of protesters, with no respect for the dead.

From the coup to date, the people of Myanmar have continued to protest the coup and the arrest of Chief Aung San Suu Kyi.

On February 28, the United Nations said Myanmar security forces opened fire in many towns to ward off crowds of protesters, killing at least 18 people.

During the protests, security forces arrested hundreds of people, including journalists.

Ms. Christine Schraner Burgener said that since the coup, around 1,200 people in Myanmar have been arrested. Their family members do not know their whereabouts or their state of health, she added.

In Mandalay, Myanmar’s second largest city, riot police, backed by soldiers, dispersed the gathered crowd and used tear gas to chase around 1,000 teachers and students from the streets.

On March 3, White House Foreign Affairs Spokesman Ned Price said: “We feel extremely shocked and disgusted to see the people of Myanmar suffer severe persecution for calling for the reestablishment of a civilian government. . In a peaceful manner. ”

On March 2, the foreign ministers of Southeast Asian countries met to discuss this political crisis. At the conclusion of the meeting, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) issued a statement, calling only for an end to the violence and continuing negotiations on how to reach a peaceful resolution. .

United Nations Security Council diplomatic officials said the Security Council is expected to hold a secret meeting on Friday (March 5) to discuss the situation in Myanmar. However, it will be difficult for the UN to take unanimous coordinated action, as the two permanent members of the Security Council, China and Russia, will almost certainly veto it.

19-year-old Chinese girl died from gunshot
We know that this young woman named Ma Kyal Sin, (Deng Jia Xi).

The Taiwan Free Times reported that on March 3, the Burmese military bloodily cracked down on protesters.

Reuters reported that before the incident happened, a local protester stood with the girl as they protested peacefully.

Before being hit by the bullet, Ma Kyal Sin stood firmly in the crowd of demonstrators, saying “we will not run away”, “we cannot shed blood”. He was then put down by gunfire from the military police. Ma Kyal Sin was shot in the neck, and surrounding protesters took immediate care, but she did not survive.

Her friends describe her as a happy and loving family person. After the military launched a coup, Ma Kyal Sin chose to take to the streets to protest to fight for democracy.

A protester said that Ma Kyal Sin is a caring person, protecting the others who accompany her. At the scene of the demonstration, she once run over the man to let the protesters wash their eyes, and once picked up tear gas canisters to throw at the police.

After the incident, a photo of a shirt with the words “Everything will be fine” that she was wearing at the scene was immediately released on social media.

Someone found Ma Kyal Sin’s latest post on social media, which states that if there is an unhappy day in the protest, she hopes she can donate organs, leaving love for humanity. … made many internet users cry.

Burmese army opened fire to suppress, tear gas canisters appeared in the street with simplified Chinese words
After the military coup in Myanmar, many public opinion pointed out that behind Myanmar’s military government, there was the Chinese Communist Party on its back.

On March 2, during a protest activity in Sanchaung County, residents picked up a tear gas canister used by the military government, because the outer shell of the tear gas canister was written and not at the melting altitude of the heat. Simplified Chinese writing can be clearly seen, showing the brightness and burning time of the pomegranate, which amazes the people of Myanmar.

Myanmar’s situation is becoming more and more volatile, with a lot of public opinion pointing out that this military coup has the CCP behind its back, so local sentiment has emerged against China. Local people have also released reports that many Chinese have been attacked by unidentified people, with local Chinese also feeling unsafe.

Since February, the Taiwanese government has organized two planes bound for Myanmar to pick up the Taiwanese people, while the Chinese Embassy has not done anything yet, Chinese journalists have been called repeatedly to ask, but have received no response.

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