4 dogs waiting for a homeless man in hospital

A tramp in Brazil came to the hospital a few days ago. The medical staff here soon realized that he might not have any material possessions, but he was not alone. Because when he was in the hospital, there were 4 dogs waiting outside the door, apparently very worried about his health.

This heartwarming story took place at the Alto Vale Regional Hospital in the state of Santa Catarina in Brazil. At 3 a.m., night nurse Cris Mamprim said a homeless man named Caesar had come to the hospital for treatment.

Ms. Cris soon discovered that Caesar could be miserable and lacking in equipment, but there was no shortage of “friends” and friendship. Even as he was in the hospital, his 4 dog friends were waiting patiently outside, worrying about his health.

Miss Cris also realized that while Caesar could eat every now and then the meal would be good, but he still managed to give the dogs something to eat and be kind to them.

“They were all well groomed and chubby,” Ms. Cris told the Dodo site.

When Caesar began to recover, paramedics put four dogs inside so they could be with him. They invited him to a meal, of course he shared it with his “friends”.

“Trust me, he ate it and saved it for the dogs,” Ms. Cris said. After that, Caesar was released from the hospital, returning to the daily struggle for survival in the streets. However, he is not alone.

Ms. Cris shared this touching story on Facebook and received the love of over 132,000 people, nearly 80,000 shares and over 22,000 comments left.

Facebook user Ivania Jimenez said she cried: “What a touching, beautiful and wonderful story!

Catherine Dean said Caesar was homeless, but certainly not an inadvertent person.

Homeless Caesar’s love and care for his “canine friends” is a testament to human love in a difficult world.


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