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5 recent false statements of President Joe Biden

During a Town Hall meeting in Cincinnati, Ohio, recently televised live on CNN, President Joe Biden made numerous false or misleading statements on topics ranging from crime to business. economic. Here are five false claims by Biden compiled by Just the News.

1. “Crime down, gun violence and homicide rates up”

“Crime is down, gun violence and homicide rates are up… When I was a Senator, I was the only person [to vote in favor of] passing legislation to make sure we get rid of the wrongs,” Biden said. offensive weapons”.

In fact, although other types of crime such as sorcery and burglary have decreased and may have contributed to the overall decline in crime rates, fatal violent crimes are still much higher than the average. jar. Intentional homicide across the United States has increased by nearly 30% in 2020 and has increased by 20% in the first six months of 2021, according to New York Magazine.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki recently said: “One of the main causes of the increase in crime rates is gun violence. That’s what President Biden has personally pondered for decades.”

But in reality, Democratic-run cities, some of which have some of the strictest gun control laws in the country, such as New York, Washington, and Chicago, are the ones with the most gun control. crime cases increased.

2. ‘Didn’t see anyone, including Larry Summers, express concern about inflation’

Amid growing price worries, Mr. Biden announced that former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers is not worried about inflation. However, the fact that the Democratic economist and also worked for the Clinton and Obama administrations has recently voiced criticism of Mr. Biden’s economic actions. Mr. Larry Summers called the economic stimulus bill passed earlier this year the “most irresponsible” economic policy in 40 years.

Speaking to host Don Lemon at the recent Town Hall, Mr. Biden said recent inflation “is related to consumer demand, actually because our demand is increasing”. “I don’t know of anyone, including my friend Larry Summers, who has expressed concern about inflation,” Biden said.

Just a few weeks ago, however, Mr. Summers took a stance on inflation that contradicted Biden’s claims. “These numbers and the tightening of the labor market and the behavior in the housing market, as well as property prices, are all rising in a way that is more worrying than I thought,” Mr. Summers told Politico. was worried a few months ago. This raises my level of anxiety about the economic overheating scenario. There’s a lot of uncertainty in the economic outlook, but right now I’m really focused on whether the economy will overheat.”

3. ‘If you get vaccinated against COVID, there is no risk’

In an effort to convince more Americans to get vaccinated against COVID, Biden has repeatedly stated that those who have been vaccinated are those who are resistant to COVID and are not at risk.

“If you get the vaccine, you won’t have to be hospitalized, you won’t be in the intensive care unit (ICU), and you won’t die,” Biden said at the Town Hall.

“If you get the vaccine, even if you get the ‘virus’… you don’t get sick,” Biden said. “You will probably have no symptoms. You won’t put your life in jeopardy.”

Mr. Biden then declared even stronger: “You won’t get COVID if you get these vaccines.”

In fact, in the US, the number of COVID-19 infections among fully vaccinated people is increasing.

Among those fully vaccinated and still infected with COVID are at least six Texas congressmen who are fleeing the state to Washington DC to prevent the Texas House of Representatives from passing election reform legislation. This group has infected one staff member of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and at least one White House staff member.

The CDC also continues to report thousands of deaths and other side effects after getting the COVID vaccine.

4. “They have been working on a” COVID vaccine “for 2 decades”

Mr. Biden announced during the Town Hall meeting that these vaccines have been in development for more than 20 years. However, although the mRNA technology used in the production of vaccines has been studied for many years, the COVID-19 virus has only broken out and spread widely for less than two years.

“You know, people talk about how this vaccine came about, the drug that was designed to kill this virus came out very quickly. They have been working on it for 2 decades. Nothing else is faster than this. It’s been over two decades,” Biden said.

In fact, the preparation of a new COVID-19 vaccine began in early 2020, and so far the US CDC has not completely approved any COVID vaccines, but only allowed their emergency use in the context of the pandemic. COVID-19 pandemic is getting more and more serious and prolonged.

5. ‘COVID has claimed more American lives than any major war we have fought in America’

“This pandemic is out of control,” Biden said. We have lost more American lives – about 630,000 – than in any major war we have fought in America. More people died [from COVID] than all the major wars combined. Just think about it”.

However, according to the data statistics site statista, the American Civil War (1961-1965) alone resulted in the deaths of about 620,000 US service members. And during World War II, the number of American soldiers killed in battle was more than 400,000 people.

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