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6 major US attacks silenced China’s ‘language of war’

US President Donald Trump and CPC General Secretary Xi Jinping (Reuters photo).

So much has happened recently. But if you take a closer look you’ll notice that there are two front lines. One concerns the political upheaval in America and the other the confrontation between the United States and China. In fact, these two front lines are combined in the main battle, the battle between righteousness and evil.

If you imagine this battle between justice and evil as a great comedy, you can see it so deep and culminating, each of us is a character in this play, with birth, Dan, Tinh, Me, Xu – full of personality in the outline of Chinese opera with different choices and expressions.

Various evidence of the coup is overwhelming, and now there is stronger evidence from surveillance video. Here we will focus on the second front line, because the United States is attacking the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), it has created another climax with six great movements, and even forced the “war time” . The CCPs (wolf-style diplomats) had to withdraw.

CPC Central Committee Standing Committee Meets, Veterans Faded

In the past two days (the article came out on December 5), there have been obvious changes on the part of the CCP.

Yesterday (December 3), the Standing Committee of the CPC General Political Bureau held another meeting to “listen to the review and assessment of poverty reduction,” and Xi Jinping “had an important speech.” there will be more party meetings. “This is not news. The problem is that the Politburo just finished its meeting on 11/30, now it is meeting again, it is a little strange.

So when the CCP leaders meet, do they really listen to the report on poverty reduction? If this is just this content, it should be included in the previous Politburo meeting two days ago, no separate meeting is required. In other words, the top CCP leaders may be discussing other issues, but are not practical to talk about them.

There is a difference in the CCP. Hoa Xuan Oanh, the spokesperson for the CCP’s Foreign Ministry, suddenly turned mullen, like frostbite, without the tone of “war lang”.

At a press conference yesterday (March 3), a reporter asked about the tightening of US visa policy for CCP members, Hoa Xuan Oanh’s response was quite weak. She expressed her hope that “the US government will adopt a more rational, calm and objective attitude”, “give up the unusual and hostile feeling towards the CCP,” “through dialogue and consensus. enhance mutual understanding and at the same time promote the healthy and stable development of Sino-US relations ”.

If it follows the old warrior style, the CCP will likely take high-level countermeasures against the United States, while tightening visas for U.S. officials. Because the high-ranking CCP gave the order, then the wolf warrior dared not bite?

In addition, the homepage of the Xinhua News Agency, which had begun to focus on “improving” US-China relations, quickly lowered its voice.

This series of changes all took place after Trump’s White House speech. Is it because the CCP saw President Trump’s loud speech, found that Biden was fundamentally desperate and that Trump’s re-election was inevitable?

President Trump’s speech showed great confidence and nothing can prevent him from being re-elected. If Trump is re-elected, the CCP’s acquisition of Dominion would interfere with the U.S. election, spur Democrats to carry out a coup and have a plan to abolish the U.S. constitutional system. This debt must be paid.

According to President Trump’s speech, has the CCP seen the end of it? Only with this explanation can we explain the anomalies of the senior CCP officials and the sudden transformation of the warrior: Seeing that the situation is not good, we must change our face and brake urgently.

However, it is too late for the CCP to do this. The United States has made several great strides in a row. Every movement touches the heart of the CCP.

The first measure: punish the SMIC (China Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation)

Today, SMIC announced that the company has been included in the list of companies related to the Chinese military industry by the US Department of Defense. Immediately after the news was released, SMIC shares fell nearly 7% in Hong Kong in the afternoon session. On the mainland stock market, it fell nearly 4% at the opening and ultimately closed down 1.99%.

The SMIC is the largest chip maker in mainland China, and the US sanctions will have a major impact on China’s high-tech manufacturing industry. Because high-tech companies in mainland China, especially Huawei, mainly bet on minimum wage when they can’t buy chips overseas.

But now the minimum wage is being punished by the United States, not only is it blocked, but companies like Huawei are going to run out of food soon.

And this time the penalties were different. In the past, the US has punished Huawei, ZTE, etc., and the US Department of Commerce has taken action. But this time it was the US Department of Defense – pointing out that sanctioned companies can have very serious problems. In other words, it is no longer an economic problem, but a military problem.

According to the US move, it is estimated that it won’t be long before a series of tech companies in China shut down.

The impact of business closures is only predictable. With the technological blockade, China’s technological development will be drastically limited. One can imagine that the difficult days for the Chinese people are coming. Some mainland netizens have said they haven’t had a good day and are now expecting a darker day.

And at this point, will people still be willing to continue letting the CCP rule? I’m afraid the CCP will discuss it.

The Second Measure: Condemn the CCP’s Persecution of Human Rights

You may have noticed that Hong Kong activists Hoang Chi Phong, Lam Lang Ngan and Chau Dinh were sentenced to jail. Ly Chi Anh (billionaire Jimmy Lai), the founder of Next Media, was also charged with fraud and detained. At the same time, former Legislative Council member Hua Tri Phong issued a statement that he was currently living in exile abroad. This series of events shows that the CCP’s persecution of Hong Kong is escalating.

On December 3, Foreign Minister Pompeo issued a statement condemning the Hong Kong government’s crackdown on Democrats. At the same time, he asserted that the United States will continue to protect the rights and freedoms of the people of Hong Kong.

The statement said that the Hong Kong government’s political persecution of Hong Kong democracy supporters “has shocked America,” and that the United States will continue to work with its allies and partners to “Protect the rights and the freedoms of the people and the people of Hong Kong from the oppression of the CCP. “

Yesterday afternoon, Foreign Minister Pompeo also made a special trip to meet with representatives of several groups severely persecuted by the CCP, including representatives of Tibetans, Xinjiang, Mongolia, Falun Gong and Hong Kong. …

The more the CCP is afraid to mention human rights issues, the more the United States will criticize it. It is as if the CCP is having a “heart attack,” and the United States wants the CCP’s heart attack to work.

The third measure: tighten visas for CCP members

On December 3, the US government introduced new business travel visas for CCP members coming to the United States: B1 / B2 nonimmigrant visas for CCP members and their relatives were reduced from 10 the initial year up to only one month and they can only enter once.

This change is huge. In the past, Chinese citizens applied for a 10-year business travel visa, which allowed them to enter the United States repeatedly without any restrictions, and to stay in the United States for up to 90 days. , and without any restriction. There are special restrictions on CCP members. These are no longer available.

The State Department statement said, “This is in accordance with policies, regulations and enforcement measures taken by the US government to protect our country from the adverse effects of the CCP.” . “Under US citizenship and immigration law, the State Department has the power to restrict the validity of visas for people hostile to American values.”

The statement by the State Council mentions “protection against the harmful influence of the CCP” and limits the validity period of visas against “hostile” forces. It has been said very clearly, the influence of the CCP is harmful and it is hostile to American values. To be clear, hostility means enemy. If such a person were allowed to enter the United States, they would drag the wolves into the room.

Many Internet users welcome the tightening of visas. However, some netizens regretted not having completely banned the visa as information previously, but only shortened the visa period to one month.

What is the point of this? I said that there are good and bad people everywhere, so are the ranks of CCP members and officials. Not all party members and cadres are forgiving, only one party is the worst.

So should non-perverse party members and cadres give them a chance? The United States could shorten the visa period for precisely this purpose, leaving an opportunity for cadres and party members who still hope and want to quit the CCP, leaving a door behind and allowing them to escape. America.

Like Li Zheniang, the former deputy mayor of Ke Tay City in the CCP’s Heilongjiang Province, America has a place for these people. However, you must first declare your withdrawal from the party, and not enter the United States by deception, otherwise you will be caught and the consequences will be severe.

Fourth measure: impose restrictions on actions with Chinese elements

On December 3, the US House of Representatives unanimously passed the “Foreign Corporate Liability Act”. Foreign companies that are to be listed in the United States must adhere to US accounting and auditing standards, otherwise they may be forced to opt out.

The bill states that after three years of listing in the United States, if they fail to provide audit information to U.S. regulators, they will be delisted by the U.S. Stock Exchange. At the same time, the bill also obliges these Chinese companies to disclose information about their relations with foreign governments and the CCP.

The bill was passed by the Senate in May. The next step will therefore be sent to the White House for President Trump to sign. If nothing happens, President Trump’s signature will take effect.

Xia Jiangping, a mainland financial scholar, believes that three years is an American grace period for the CCP, and that also leaves a cushion for American investors. If the grace period is too short, Americans will suffer more.

Derek Scissors, a prominent scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, told Free Asia the bill was only symbolic. Chinese companies listed in the United States have had enough time to comply with these regulations for years, but they never did and will not do so for the next three years.

If Chinese companies fail to meet US auditing standards, the US is likely to deregister these Chinese companies. The CCP’s money-making machine abroad will be excluded from America.

Step 5: Increase the CCP Intelligence Budget by 20%

On December 4, the director of US national intelligence, John Ratcliffe, wrote to the Wall Street Journal, saying that “China (the CCP) today poses the greatest threat to the United States, and it is also the threat. the greatest threat to democracy and freedom in the world since World War II ”.

To this end, the office of the US National Intelligence Director announced that in fiscal year 2021, it will increase its intelligence budget to counter the CCP.

The office of the director of national intelligence said in a statement that in the fiscal year 2021 budget, the resource allocation has been adjusted, accordingly, “will increase spending against China by nearly 20%.” These increased resources are used to “gather intelligence from China, analyze current actions and predict future direction.”

In fact, in early September, the House Intelligence Committee pointed out in a report that the US spy agency had failed to respond to many threats from China (CCP), calling for a resource correction and focus. more on China.

There are also many other senior government officials who have repeatedly said recently that the CCP is the number one security challenge for the United States. In other words, the United States is no longer indifferent to the threat of the CCP. Instead, he believes that the CCP is the greatest threat and must increase investment to counter the CCP.

Sixth measure: eliminate espionage specialists involved in the Chinese Liberation Army

On December 2, during an online conference by the Aspen Research Institute, Assistant National Security Attorney General John Demers told the meeting that this year more than 1,000 researchers in the United States had concealed termites. their relations with the Chinese People’s Liberation Army and opened an investigation at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) after leaving the United States.

Justice Department officials said those who left the United States were not the ones whose visas were revoked in September.

They are two groups of people, at least 2,000 people, according to officials from the Department of Justice. These people all have ties to the Chinese military. In other words, these people could be the secret agents of the Chinese military.

Mr. Demers said that the CCP was doing its best to send these people to America without revealing their military identity. In response to the arrest and investigation by US authorities, the CCP ordered these employees to continue to hide their military connections.

From June to the end of August, the FBI carried out an investigation of 30 American cities and interviewed around 50 Chinese researchers. Finally, the FBI identified these people as part of the Chinese military.

Mr. Demers also pointed out that an investigation by the US Department of Justice revealed that the CCP’s military secret researchers formed a vast network, stretching across the United States. He stressed that Duong Quyen and others arrested earlier were “just the tip of the iceberg”.

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