8 years of friendship between dogs and dolphins

The gunner and a dolphin named Delta met at the Dolphin Research Center in Grassy Key, Florida (USA) and became best friends.

Gunner is an 8 week old puppy when he first encountered the Delta Dolphins. Delta is a 4-year-old dolphin, drawn to Gunner’s calm demeanor. Then the dolphin bowed and brought Gunner a toy, showing that he really wanted to play with the dog.

Eight years later, the incredible friendship of these two adorable animals remains strong. There is nothing better than animal friendship, especially one that can last almost a decade like this.

Delta often brings toys for Gunner.

Marie Blanton, head coach of the center and owner of Gunner, told Insider that coaches work to build a close relationship with dolphins and learn more about them as humans. Therefore, she wants to show off her personality with as many different things as possible, including her eight week old puppy with her to work with every day.

Delta was drawn to Gunner’s calm demeanor.

“When Gunner first walked the docks I expected him to bark or show excitement, but he did the opposite. Gunner just lay down and watched,” said Blanton. Apparently, this calm demeanor intrigued Delta, the dolphin described by Blanton as “very friendly, playful and curious.”

“I’m starting to notice that every time I bring Gunner, Delta is the first dolphin on the dock. He’ll bring Gunner toys like they’re trying to play together,” she says.

And then Gunner “chatted,” quickly learned to play with Delta by collecting the toys he had been given. “The friendship has blossomed over time. When the two animals are a little older, they don’t see each other much.” She said and said, Gunner only went with her once a month.

Marie and her husband Tyler, her son Lucas and her fluffy dog Gunner.

Although not seeing each other very often, Blanton says the two animals can recognize each other immediately and Delta is always the first dolphin to come and greet.

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