9-year-old girl plays the piano while having brain surgery

On December 13, while undergoing brain surgery, a 9-year-old girl living in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh was amazed not only to be awake, but also to be able to play the piano.

Little girl Soumya had undergone surgery for a brain tumor, according to The Epoch Times, but doctors said she had difficulty performing the major operation because it could damage the nerve. his brain.

Therefore, the doctors used awake brain surgery, which also meant that they only anesthetized a certain part of her brain and let her play the piano in a state of alertness during the surgery. to ensure smooth movement and coordination in the hand is not compromised.

After the surgery was completed, little Soumya told Asian News International: “I played the piano for at least 6 hours, then played games on my phone and now I feel great. “

The neurosurgeon who operated for Soumya saw her case as a challenge, but the operation was very convenient thanks to the efforts of the entire medical team.

Neurosurgery doctor Abhishek Chauhan said, “This case is a challenge, but the surgery was very convenient thanks to the efforts of the entire medical team. We asked her to play the piano during the surgery. Although she was likely to be paralyzed, she was awake during the operation.

Earlier this year, a violinist from the Isle of Wight Symphony Orchestra in the UK also pulled the piano during his brain surgery, as was the case with little Soumya.

This violinist by the name of Dagmar Turner (53), she has been playing the violin for more than 40 years. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2013, and despite having surgery to remove the tumor, she relapsed later in December of last year.

During the four-hour operation in January this year, Ms Dagmar played some great music and became the first person in the UK to undergo surgery to remove a tumor while she was awake and able to play the violin. hold on.

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