A 12-year-old girl, beaten and beaten by 7 kidnappers, was rescued by 3 lions

It sounds unbelievable, but this is completely a true story that happened in Ethiopia, a country known for the kidnapping of girls and children for forced marriage. A 13-year-old girl, after being kidnapped by 7 men, was rescued by 3 wild lions to the amazement of many.

A 12-year-old girl, beaten and beaten by 7 kidnappers, was rescued by 3 lions. (Photo via sun-gazing)

The victim was a 12-year-old girl from the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa who was kidnapped by seven men. Not too unfamiliar with cases like this, the girl’s family miserably understands that this is obviously a kidnapping to force kiss.

They then contacted the local police for help and began a search everywhere, but after a week passed, still unable to find her daughter’s whereabouts. The distressed whole family understood that the possibility that they could see a girl again was hopeless and became even more anxious.

During that time, the girl was taken secretly by the bandit to a hiding place and beaten repeatedly. Their plan was to force her to marry one of them, and they knew the girl’s family and the government were looking for it, so they chose a far away place to continue the barbaric behavior.

However, the bandits even avoid the investigation of the police, but they do not expect that it is the territory of the lions.

When the nearby lions heard a young girl’s cry, they responded to that sound and fumbled for right beside her.

A large group of three lions appeared, and when the men in her custody saw them, they got scared and ran away!

The lions seem to be on her side and protect her from bandits trying to harm her. They didn’t try to attack or hunt her down, but simply sat nearby to keep an eye out for anyone to come near.

Lions stayed by her side to protect her for half a day, until her family and police came to the rescue. Once they saw that the girl was safe, they returned to the forest and disappeared.

According to police, 4 of the men who kidnapped her have been arrested, while the remaining 3 are still being hunted.

The girl was rescued in a state of extreme horror and shock. She was taken to the hospital to treat the injuries and bruises caused by the beatings. But luckily, she was able to find and reunite with her family anyway.

“If the lions don’t come then things could be much worse. Often these young girls will be brutally raped and beaten to force them to accept an unwanted marriage, ”said Sergeant Wondimu Wendaju of Kefa Province.

Many people believe that lions are wild and cold-blooded animals. They would normally attack humans, so a rescue like this would be a miracle indeed.

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