Boxing match between two ground squirrel boxers

Two ground squirrels get into a fierce fight in a match likened to a boxing match on a road in China.

Daily Mail has posted an interesting video about a fierce fight between two ground squirrels that is likened to “an animal version of a boxing match” that happened on a road in Sichuan province, China, accidentally witnessed and recorded by passersby.

This video was previously widely shared on the Chinese social network TikTok, attracting hundreds of thousands of views and likes before the funny moves of the adorable rodent. The fierce couple unleashed punches and strangleholds like real boxers reveling in a thrilling match, inconclusive.

The ‘animal version of the boxing match’ was quite intense and fierce

Unlike arboreal squirrels, ground squirrels are the names for species of the squirrel family, but are in the group of rodents that live on the ground, in burrows. This species can stand comfortably on its hind legs, for long periods of time, as it has had to adapt to observing predators in a grassland environment. Ground squirrels are omnivores, in addition to nuts, fungi, fruits, they can also eat insects, eggs and some small animals.

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