A heartwarming story about a boy who wanted to buy God

In the 20th century, in a small town in the western United States, a boy about 10 years old with a dollar bill in his hand went to every street store and asked, “ Please ask, God is sold here no?. The shop owner either said no, or thought the boy was vandalizing, so he sent away.

When night fell, the boy still tried to go and ask the 69th store: Ask, are you selling God here?

The boss is an uncle of about 60, his hair is white, his face is very peaceful, he smiled and asked the boy: This child, tell me, why do you want to buy God?

Someone answered him, so the boy was moved to tears, he told the boss that his parents died early, the boy lives with one person. An uncle working at a construction site, a few days ago, fell off a scaffolding, so far has not regained consciousness. The doctor said, only God can help him. The boy thought that God must be something very miraculous.

I have to buy God to feed my uncle and the wound will heal. ”

After hearing the boy’s words, the boss’s eyes were also teary, he asked: How much money do you have?

1 dollar!

Baby, thankfully God’s price is just right for 1 dollar.

The boss took the coin in the boy’s hand, took a bottle of water with the words “God’s kiss” from the shelf and said, “Baby, take it, your uncle has finished drinking the bottle ‘God’ It will be good again

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The boy was extremely happy, happily holding the bottle of water in his lap, happily ran to the hospital. When he entered the hospital room, the boy exclaimed: Uncle, I have bought God, Please get well soon.

The next day, a group of leading medical experts in the world flew to this small town, to the hospital where the boy’s uncle was lying and conducted a consultation. Not long after, the boy’s uncle was saved.

When the boy’s uncle was discharged from the hospital, seeing the hospital bills, he almost fainted. However, a news from afar resolved his worries. It was known that a man named Bondi helped him pay the hospital fees, the doctor group was also sent by Mr. Bondi.

Later, his uncle learned that Mr. Bondi was a billionaire, the grocery store that the boy bought God owned by Mr. Bondi, when he had free time Bondi used to go there to kill time.

The boy’s uncle was deeply touched, he and the boy came to thank him. The store employee told his uncle and nephew that the boss was already traveling, told them not to worry, and gave the uncle a letter written by Mr. Bondi himself.

In the letter said: Boy, you don’t need to thank me, your nephew paid for everything. What I mean is it’s really lucky to have a baby. In order to save you, the child took 1 dollar everywhere to buy God…. Thank God it’s the One who saved you. But you must always remember that God is truly the love of man!

The story does not end there. Later, growing up, the boy took the exam at the medical school. To thank billionaire Bondi for saving his uncle and helping many other injured people, the boy invented a personal tape and named it Bondi.

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