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A letter from the female director of Afghanistan: Let the world know what the Taliban did

When the Taliban fighters captured Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, 36-year-old Afghan film director Sahraa Karimi wrote a heartbreaking letter for help: “With a broken heart and a deep hope of hope. , I wrote this letter, please help us. And let the world notice what’s happening to us.” She begs all over the world for help, because her country is mired in Taliban insurgency.

Karimi wrote in her letter: “In the past few weeks, the Taliban have gained control of many provinces. However, they massacred our people and kidnapped many children. They even killed a woman for her clothes. They also killed our favorite comedian. They murdered an epic.

Karimi criticized the Taliban’s atrocities for making thousands of families homeless. In the refugee camps in the capital Kabul, robberies are frequent. There are even cases of babies starving to death because there is no milk. She further emphasized that this is already a humanitarian crisis, but the international community has not expressed its position on this.

In the letter, Ms. Karimi made an appeal that: “The world should not be indifferent to us. The people of Afghanistan need support. More importantly, you can represent Afghan women, children, artists and filmmakers. This is the help we need most at the moment.”

Ms. Karimi said that the Taliban have banned all arts. She and many film producers will likely be among the Taliban’s “removed list”. “Help us, stop the world from abandoning Afghanistan. Also come and help us before the Taliban take over Kabul. Our time is very limited, maybe only a few days left.”

On August 15, she posted a video of herself fleeing the streets of Kabul on Instagram. At that time, the Taliban were preparing to invade the capital. She was going to withdraw money, but the bank was closed. She had to tie a towel tightly, run down the street and scream: “This is not a horror movie, this is the real world of Kabul.”

As she ran, she said: “I still can’t believe this has happened. Please pray for us. Once again I appeal to everyone in this wide world, please do not be silent. They came here to kill us,” Karimi said while wiping her tears. Right now, she has no plans to leave here, and won’t give up her country at the last moment.

Ms. Karimi is the only female director in Afghanistan to receive a PhD in cinema. She was born in Iran and trained in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. She also received a doctorate in film directing and screenwriting from the Slovakian Academy of Performing Arts.

Light Breeze is a documentary film made by Ms. Karimi while studying at the Slovakian Academy of Performing Arts. The film then won the award for Best Short Story at the highest film awards in Slovakia. In 2012, she returned to work in Afghanistan and became the first female president of “Afghan Film”, the Afghan film company in 2019.

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