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A scene of a volcanic eruption after 800 years of rest was shot with a drone

Drones shot of volcanic eruptions Bjorn Steinbekk’s drone video shows a scene of a volcanic eruption after 800 years in Iceland.

On March 19, the volcano Fagradalsfjall located near the capital Reykjavik (Iceland) erupted. According to the BBC, the eruption was predicted a few weeks ago after the island nation recorded more than 50,000 earthquakes, the first eruption of the volcano in 800 years. Photo: Getty Images.

According to the Icelandic Meteorological Office (IMO), the eruption was small and no one was injured. Many videos shot with the camera on the drone show a overwhelming sight of lava erupting from the crater. Photo: Bjorn Steinbekk.

One of the most impressive videos captured by Bjorn Steinbekk’s camera shows lava erupting from multiple angles. The Steinbekk camera movement technique is highly appreciated by The Verge. Photo: Bjorn Steinbekk.

The website is also live-streaming the eruption of the volcano Fagradalsfjall. At the time of writing, the crater is still spraying but is no longer too strong. Screenshots.

According to Itgorm, Reykjavik capital is located on Reykjanes peninsula, in the Atlantic mountain range, so it is strongly divided. This is a picture of a volcano erupting on March 21. Photo: Getty Images.

The area where the volcanic eruption occurred was opened to visitors, AFP news agency quoted local officials as saying. They can only be reached by walking for hours from a nearby street. Photo: Getty Images.

Fagradalsfjall volcanic system is a conical region containing many fissures and lava areas located south of Reykjanes peninsula. Photo: AP.

Since late February, many strong earthquakes have occurred in the area near Fagradalsfjall, believed to be intrusion by surface magma. According to Volcano Discovery, that led to the eruption of volcano Fagradalsfjall after 800 years. Photo: AP. In 2010, the eruption of volcano Eyjafjallajokull also in Iceland caused a delay in the European aviation industry. However, Fagradalsfjall’s eruption this time did not leave much ash, so the impact was not great. The most dangerous threat was exhaust pollution, with residents being asked to close their windows. Photo: Reuters.

“I can see the red sky from the window,” said Rannveig Gudmundsdottir, from Grindavik, a town about eight kilometers from the eruption. A few hours earlier, a magnitude 3.1 earthquake was recorded 1.2 km from the volcano Fagradalsfjall. Photo: Getty Images.

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