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A series of US states oppose the Biden administration over pandemic limits

US President Joe Biden (photo: Reuters).

President Biden has criticized the move and called these decision-making governors mentally retarded.

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey of the US Republican Party signed on Friday an executive order raising all the limits of the capacity allowed [during season] of restaurants and gyms. , theater, water park and other live services.

“We have learned a lot over the past year,” Mr. Ducey said in a statement. “Our businesses have successfully completed the task of responding to this pandemic safely and responsibly. “We will always admire the sacrifices they and their employees have made and their vigilance to protect against the virus.”

Although Arizona has never enacted a statewide mask, the state Department of Health Services has required people to wear masks inside restaurants.

“Today’s announcement is a well-thought-out approach; We are still not clear, ”Mr. Ducey wrote in a statement. “We need to continue to maintain personal responsibility. Wear the mask. Social gap. Stay home when you are sick and wash your hands often ”.

On Thursday (March 4 US time), Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont of the Democratic Party also reinstated most of the restrictions imposed by the Covid pandemic in the state which began on March 19.

Lomant’s announcement came after the states of Texas and Mississippi removed all restrictions imposed by Covid and terminated mandatory masking.

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey also announced on Thursday that she would end mandatory masking in the state in April.

Dr. Fauci has criticized Texas for reopening services to full capacity and terminating duty to wear mandatory masks.

“Can’t explain why you want to withdraw now,” said Mr. Fauci.

Mr. Joe Biden on Wednesday (March 3 US time) also criticized the Texas and Mississippi governors for ending restrictions imposed by Covid in his state.

Mr. Biden has even said that Republican governors in Texas and Mississippi relaxing the pandemic containment measures are working as “the Neanderthal mindset” (an ancient genus).

Gateway Pundit commented: So what makes Joe Biden bring COVID-positive immigrants into the interior of the United States?

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