Adopt a dog with fear of strangers, a man who is miraculously saved by an animal

Sadie the dog and her new owner (Source: afamilycdn)

Brian Myers, thanks to adopting a dog from the animal rescue, received a better return than this.

Brian Myers has adopted the dog Sadie since September 2020. When he first brought home, he said, Sadie had difficulty interacting with strangers. That made him want to help Sadie and decide to adopt it.

Employees at the Ramapo-Bergen animal rescue center in New Jersey, USA, said the dog was adopted last summer. This is a 6-year-old German shepherd dog.

Everyone who came into contact with Sadie commented that it was a loyal and intelligent dog, but she always worried when someone approached. With a strong defensive instinct, finding Sadie a new home has become much more difficult.

Heather Centrella, director of the animal rescue center, said that when Sadie was not very friendly when she first arrived, she did not understand what was going on around her. Sadie needs experience with a new owner, but has to be patient so it can be more comfortable. And a month later, Brian was the one who appeared and picked up Sadie.

“I feel that Sadie is a wonderful dog and decided to adopt the animal in 30 minutes. Sadie jumped in my car and it didn’t take us long to get close. I will try to understand Sadie’s problem and promise to give the animal a home and the love it deserves, ”Brian wrote on Facebook.

Sadie dog girl. (Source: bomb01)

Months later, Brian and Sadie became increasingly attached to each other, “stick like sam” everywhere. But a few months later, something happened that made Sadie almost lose her family again.

One night when only Brian and Sadie were at home, the man had a stroke. Brian fell to the floor in pain while the dog realized something was wrong with her owner so she stood beside her without leaving. Sadie licked Brian’s face relentlessly to keep his master awake, and he tried to bark loudly to alert the neighbors around him.

When Brian could not walk, he tried to cling to Sadie’s neck and the quick dog knew what to do immediately. Sadie used all her might to drag Brian into the room where his cell phone was located.

“Sadie knows I’m in trouble. I hug Sadie’s neck and she knows what to do. Sadie dragged me away with all her might. Thanks to Sadie’s help, I found the phone and called an ambulance, ”Brian said.

While Brian was discharged from the hospital, he still had to stay in the orthopedic and rehabilitation center to proceed with the next steps of treatment. At that time, Sadie stayed at home with Brian’s family and waited for the owner to return well.

Then, every time he made a video phone call to come home, Brian saw a confused expression on the crying face of Sadie. He had to reassure Sadie that everything was going well and that he would be home soon.

Brian feels that the dogs at the animal rescue center are wonderful animals, he also wants to share his story with everyone.

Actually, Brian was well paid for not giving up on Sadie and in Brian’s moment of death, her faithful dog remained by his side.

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