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After Biden took over the White House, left-wing riots broke out in many cities

After Mr Biden took office, far-left riots broke out in many American cities (Photo: Youtube / Daily Mail).

In the days after Mr. Biden took office, riots by left-wing protesters continued in several cities across the United States, leaving many government buildings in disrepair. At least 20 riot participants were arrested by police, according to Sound of Hope.

Last Wednesday (January 20), hours after Joe Biden was sworn in as President of the United States, anti-police protesters marched through Seattle, Washington, demanding the abolition of the Immigration Enforcement Agency and US Customs (ICE). Protesters broke through the windows of roadside stores, and even Starbucks’ founding restaurant at Pike Place Market was demolished. At least 3 people were arrested by police during this time.

Police said that same day, an Antifa protest against President Biden took place in the city of Portland, neighboring Oregon. Protesters armed with stun guns, tear gas guns and launching cannons rushed with police. Footage from the scene showed the marchers holding up a sign reading: “We don’t want Biden – we want revenge!”, “We will not be ruled”. The graffiti on the wall has Biden curse content, even the word “skin of Biden skin” (Biden skin).

Video: Antifa group in Portland, Oregon, protests against Joe Biden.

After that, the demonstrators also damaged the headquarters of the Democratic Party in that state. At least 15 people were arrested by the police.

On Friday morning (January 22) in Bellingham, a college town in Washington state, a group of homeless people and rioters broke into town hall. Mayor Seth Fleetwood was quickly escorted out of the building. The Bellingham Herald page reported that no one was injured in the incident, and no one was arrested. The city of Bellingham is 88 miles north of Seattle. Since last spring, the region has been at the center of demonstrations and riots against the police.

Deedee Sun, a reporter for local television station KIRO-TV, posted a video on Twitter showing black-clad, masked protesters storming Bellingham town hall. This group of people also tore up an American flag outside the building. They stole the microphone from a reporter from the local KGMI radio station and threw hot drinks at him. They come here to protest for the homeless.

A reporter said the mob stole microphones from him, sprayed him with paint and hot chocolate, and attempted to steal other devices, including an iPad. He said the crowd strongly blamed him for filming the protests.

Mayor Bellingham Fleetwood told KIRO TV station the incident broke out due to outside protests inciting the local homeless group. In the past, the city government planned to require the establishment of homeless shelters at least 40 km from the city hall as there had been numerous incidents in the past, including harassment , troubled county government employees and numerous fires.

“What happened on the lawns of the town hall and the library was an involuntary riot, mainly provoked by protesters and outside instigators,” Fleetwood said in a statement. Their actions will cause more harm to the homeless ”.

In Denver, Colorado, anti-government protesters attacked former President Trump and Mr. Biden, and they even burned an American flag. At least two people were arrested there.

Republican Senator Tom Cotton said Thursday morning on the Fox & Friends program: “I remember the media and Democrats in the past blaming Trump for everyone. The violent behavior of this Antifa group. But now Joe Biden himself is in the White House, and Antifa still rages on the streets of Seattle, Portland, and Denver.

There are still thousands of National Guard members serving in Washington, DC. Prior to that, to ensure the safety of the President’s inauguration, more than 20,000 National Guardians were deployed to Washington. So far, there has been no conflict with the protesters, authorities said.

Video: Antifa revolted and burned the American flag after Joe Biden was sworn in.

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