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After escaping the hearing, Director Dominion disappeared?

Right: President Trump’s attorney Sidney Powell (Photo: The Epoch Times), Right: Eric Coomer, director of strategy and product safety and vice president of the Dominion voting system (photo: capture of video screen).

President Trump’s attorney, Sidney Powell, revealed in an interview with Newsmax on Friday that Dominion’s head of product strategy and security is gone, two headquarters His main office in Canada and the United States has also closed its doors.

In the Newsmax video, host Howie Carr interviewed attorney Sidney Powell. She said Eric Coomer, director of strategy and product safety, and vice president of the Dominion voting system, was missing. In addition, Dominion’s head offices in Toronto, Canada and Denver, Colorado, United States have also closed.

She also mentioned that Dominion’s head office in Toronto once shared a building with the office of George Soros’ leftist organization, but is now empty.

Additionally, Dominion officials did not attend the Pennsylvania House of Representatives hearing scheduled for Thursday, November 19. The Pennsylvania House of Representatives held a press conference on Friday to question Dominion about its suspicions of manipulating the US election, where Commission member Seth Grove slammed: “If there is nothing to hide, why avoid us? “

In another independent investigation reported by Gateway Pundit, Joe Oltmann – the founder of FEC United – Faith Education Commerce, revealed how he had infiltrated Antifa and during a conversation with an Antifa member he discovered the name “Eric of Dominion ”mentioned in a conversation around September 27, 2020).

Oltmann told Gateway Pundit that “Eric” told the Antifa members that they must “keep pushing”. When one of the newsgroups asked “Who is Eric?” Someone replied, “Eric is the Dominion guy”.

Oltmann started digging deeper into Eric Coomer, and by the time he gained access to the Facebook page he assigned to Dominion Deputy CEO Eric Coomer, Oltmann said he had never seen such hostility and such cynicism. a person with a doctorate in nuclear physics. Oltmann explained that Coomer actually reposted Antifa’s statement about President Trump on his Facebook page.

Oltmann said he believed Eric Coomer to be mentally ill and an antisocial psychopath. Coomer of the day acts as the CEO of the company, and at the same time the one who hates Trump and supports Antifa in his private life.

After Joe Oltmann exposed Eric Coomer’s story, Twitter was “shut down”. Joe Oltmann also said he received numerous death threats after discovering the Coomer and Dominion system.

During the meeting, an Antifa member asked Coomer and if Trump won, Coomer replied, “Don’t worry about the election, Trump won’t win. I guarantee it! “


In an interview with Newsmax on Friday (November 20), when asked if there was any evidence of Coomer’s presence at the Antifa meeting, attorney Sidney replied that Trump’s legal team Des testimonies were collected and videos from those who took the oath.


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