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Airship carrying passengers to the subspace

The American company plans to launch a system of hot air balloons – passenger train compartments to an altitude of at least 30,000m to admire the curve of the Earth.

World View Enterprises, an American subspace exploration and technology company, will deliver commercial flights to the stratosphere using a hot air balloon system by 2024. 10 news. Each flight will last about 6-12 hours with a ticket price of $50,000 per seat. Tickets for the flight have been open for sale and so far 250 people have purchased them.

Passengers will fly to an altitude of at least 30,000 meters to be able to see the curve of the Earth against the background of dark space. They will sit in the Explorer Capsule, a pressurized capsule lifted by a helium balloon the size of a football field. Each flight is expected to carry eight passengers and two crew members.

World View Enterprises plans to launch 3,000 balloons per year. The capsule will be reused, but the balloon is only flown once, then recycled into products that can benefit residents near the launch site. Once back on the ground, a GPS-guided parachute guides the cabin to the correct location for landing.

World View Enterprises’ subspace flight will be comfortable and luxurious. The Explorer Capsule cabin is equipped with cameras to record the entire journey. The cabin also has a telescope so that passengers can better see the scenery below and the stars above. In addition, the cabin features Wi-Fi, a bar and a variety of dining options. The Explorer Capsule can carry passengers of all ages and physical conditions, according to World View Enterprises.

This is the second time World View Enterprises has planned a flight to the subspace. The airline’s first plan was to launch a system of balloons – similar cabins called Voyager in 2016 to bring passengers to the stratosphere. However, this did not materialize.

In 2019, two of the co-founders of World View Enterprises, Taber MacCallum and Jane Poynter, founded a rival company called Space Perspective to provide space tourism with a spaceship system. Neptune. The system is expected to take off in 2024 with a ticket price of $125,000 per seat.

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