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Amazon backs marijuana legalization, no drug testing when hiring

On June 1, Amazon announced its support for a US federal marijuana legalization bill and would remove drug testing requirements for some job requirements.

The e-commerce giant’s public policy team will actively support the Cannabis Opportunity, Reinvestment and Disposal Act, said Dave Clark, head of global consumer at Amazon. 2021 (MORE), legislation that seeks to legalize marijuana at the federal level.

Mr. Clark also stressed that Amazon will not screen candidates for marijuana use for all vacancies that are not subject to the supervision of the Department of Transportation.

While many US states have legalized the use of marijuana, the majority of employers have so far refused to take over the industry, as cannabis is a still-discussed issue in the US. federal level.

“In the past, like many other employers, we have turned down [the opportunity] to work at Amazon for people who tested positive for marijuana use,” Clark said. “However, as state laws are changing across the United States, we have also changed course.”

According to a report from online legal research platform Westlaw, Amazon has faced the risk of a class action lawsuit, which claims that the company violated New York City law by vetting applicants. whether or not cannabis is used at local facilities.

The group currently does not allow the sale of cannabis on its sales platform.

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