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America is in chaos … has a plan

With a sharp pen and a solid argument, journalist Vu Linh’s essay titled “America is a Riot … a Plan” of the American political situation this year will show us a “mixed outlook.” about what’s going on in this country.

News articles in recent weeks have shown a strange picture of America, perhaps unprecedented in its 150-year history, since the end of the South North American Civil War: It was a violent rebellion. be openly promoted or defended, even as if it were part of the grand project of an opposition political party.

Over a century and a half ago, this happened when the leadership of the Democratic Party (DC) openly opposed President Abraham Lincoln’s policy of breaking black slavery, then everything. heading towards a historic catastrophe: the southern states of DC separated from the federation, resulting in a unique and bloody civil war with more than 800,000 deaths in American history.

Reasonable recurring story?

In recent months, the United States has experienced unrest and unrest unprecedented since its Civil War, especially in the more radical states of Washington (Seattle), Oregon (Portland) and from California (Oakland, Sacramento). No one knows in the end whether a civil war will end.

It all started from nothing that led to the tragic death of a black man. This black man is not a “ living saint ” or a black hero, but just a little traveler, and he also doesn’t die because someone deliberately wants to kill because of discrimination but simply to die because of the discrimination. manslaughter because a police officer is too strong.

Mr. Floyd wasn’t even the first victim. Police forcibly driving the death of an arrested suspect has happened thousands of times in modern American history, even after President Johnson enacted two laws to ensure equal rights for the human rights and civil rights. for blacks.

Never mind, even under the recent black president, it has happened, at least three times, in Ferguson, Baltimore and New York. “At least” since these are three major moving incidents across the country, everyone knows it, but in fact no one knows how many others, black, white or brown, have died secretly at the hands of the police. more unique.

So why is Mr. Floyd’s murder “so” so serious “?

Rahm Emanuel. (
The answer is not difficult to understand: since it is election season and the opposition party with the support of the Democratic media (TTDC), wanted to make the most of it, as a political weapon of extreme right. mark to oust an outgoing president from the White House, no more, no less. Much like the “quirky” of Rahm Emanuel, former chief of staff to President Obama, “never ignore the opportunity of a crisis”.
The opposition is not suddenly trying to beat the president because election day is near. Anyone who has watched the news for the past three years has seen clearly from the day the election results were announced, the day after the whole country went to vote, the opposition has not recognized the election results. “Not My President” continuously launched dozens of the most undemocratic attacks, including the ultimate, the harp, but all failed. Then, as if “ God help ”, the “ Chinese Communist ” played the role of a new illegal immigrant, flooded into America without a visa document, – 100% documented – infected millions of people and hundreds of thousands DEAD MAN.
Our (democratic) faction happily rubbed their hands, treating bacteria as their savior. Intentionally minimize the bacterial risk at the start, as if you were deliberately trying to facilitate the spread of the bacteria.
The translation began in the United States in early January, President Trump took the first step on January 6 at the CDC to announce, warned not to go on the train, on January 17, ordering a strict inspection of visitors to Les ships entering 5 major US airports on Jan.31 banned visitors from China to the US, anyone who visited the ship in the previous two weeks must declare and be banned for two weeks after entering the US- United.
Strong opposition from DC and TTDC. Mr Biden denounced President Trump’s measures to prevent epidemics as insane xenophobic and intimidating xenophobia (Biden’s original statement in a speech in Iowa on January 31, 2020, the day President Trump ordered the gender Visitors from China to America: “Now is not the time for Donald Trump’s record of hysteria and xenophobia – hysterical xenophobia – and fear of leading the way instead of science.
Biden’s vulgarity is that in April, when translation was rampant, language twisted, martial arts performance was even more rampant than President Trump, obstructing the accusation that President Trump failed not dared to block the wave of Chinese tourists. in the United States when a new epidemic occurs!
The TTDC exam indicates that the flu is generally not a panic. The Washington Post also called on people to be vigilant, to be careful that Trump wanted to exploit translation for dictatorship! It was not until the beginning of March that they began to change their voices, alerted to the translation after the death of the Americans at the end of February. The fake is that all of DC is now scratching their faces, most importantly, Trump is careless, slow to identify corona hazards, so he took action too late, unable to translate. If you say President Trump is incompetent, you have to say that over 200 world leaders, and millions of doctors and scientists around the world are also incompetent, only journalists from CNN or WaPo or New York. Times are awesome. With crazy anti-Trump refugees of course!
If you want to know whether President Trump is really being overlooked or slow or not, just listen to the WHO and Dr Fauci, who are leading the fight against the epidemic.
On 2/2/2020, WHO, International Health Organization, announced that the epidemic has been controlled by CT, not the global pandemic – not an international endemic -. On February 17, 2020, exactly one month after President Trump ordered to screen visitors from China to the United States through five major American airports, Mr. Fauci also said that the Wuhan outbreak posed a small risk – a risk tiny – Only those who have been infected should wear a mask to avoid passing it on to others, and for those who are not infected, it is necessary because the mask does not at all prevent bacteria from entering the body.
To put it bluntly, until early March, no one saw clearly the dangers of the Wuhan epidemic. At that time, the whole world was blind, but now, almost six months later, the whole world was clear, blinding Trump that he couldn’t see the danger of the epidemic.
But then this harmful bacteria doesn’t seem to meet the needs of our side to defeat Trump. First, this bacteria is really hitting America, but it’s stupid to keep fighting our DC states and hitting when a dozen states are in the most trouble. Suddenly, there is a tendency to decline slightly soon, still far from the election too long, probably will not harm President Trump as expected upon re-election.
Then as a new gift, an angry and unconscious policeman grew strong – or more accurately, his knees were too strong, leading to the catastrophic death of a black man. Our side considered winning the lottery. Blacks as usual, excuse their displeasure, rushed into the streets to burn, steal and stink.
But this time, the local government response, largely in the hands of the DC, is far from the previous one.
Under President Obama, the three Ferguson, Baltimore and New York cases were no different: Police forcibly led to the death of a black suspect. Shortly after, blacks also took to the streets to protest, burn, steal as usual. But because President Obama is black this “faction,” the looting riots were quickly quelled when President Obama sent the National Guard without anyone protesting. Black leaders and the TTDC at the time stood behind President Obama, condemning the police, of course, but also condemning the looting and encouraging the restoration of security and order. Local governments in DC welcome the National Guard to restore security and order. And the TTDC also praised the president’s tough decisions. The situation stabilized quickly and easily.
But under President Trump, the situation in Minneapolis did not stabilize quickly or easily. Authorities in Minneapolis and Minnesota observed the devastation for the first three days, ordered police not to intervene, and President Trump also failed to send the National Guard to quell the chaos.
Then they intelligently drive the case through the stigma. The cop sits down a petty thief who turns white while trying to kill black people, then goes further, actually the child of President Trump’s “ black politics ”. Then they urged blacks to take to the streets, exaggerating Black Lives Matter slogans, as a rallying point for blacks to take to the streets against President Trump. As if the police killing blacks was unheard of in American history, never under any president, but only the offspring of the white elite’s stigmatization policy. Trump’s judgment.
The streets of blacks first, whites later, have been praised, encouraged and encouraged to the fullest, regardless of the COVID epidemic that threatens the whole country, whether or not the country has banned supply and isolation. .
When the epidemic struck, governors and local authorities ordered economic shutdowns, closed schools, arcs, quarantine, isolation and masked arrest. But now if you want to exploit the opposition, encourage going out on the streets, then you will bend your tongue again, denouncing the ban on the bow is something that is strongly helping to spread the epidemic.
As the DĐTC (joint forum) wrote: “Here are some key points of the new theory of IDC across the Atlantic: Prohibition is the best way to spread disease because disease is difficult to spread. in the street. when people are in a large space, move continuously, while spreading most strongly inside when the air is sealed ”.
The Nobel Prize for Lies, it must be said is grim, went to New York Mayor Bill de Blasio when he signed an executive order banning people from bringing people together to prevent the spread of the epidemic, but the protests have praised Black Lives Matter or against President Trump are exempt, spoiled, as much as possible, laws prohibiting sourcing and isolation are exempt, not enforceable. Medically, is there a doctor who could explain why bacteria don’t attack anti-Trump protesters?

Newsweek magazine in two consecutive issues published two significant articles:

Millions of people rushing down the street, standing close together, screaming and splashing is fine, but tens of thousands of people who came to listen to President Trump’s speech made the bacteria grow strongly.

Since the day Mr. Trump appeared, that is to say just before his election, our camp has tried by all means to stamp his front of discrimination. Quite simply because stigma is an extremely sensitive, very moving and exciting issue. Merely exposing things like collusion with Russia or trade with Ukraine only got a few politicians in Congress on edge, but Americans shrugged as if watching the movie on Netflix. Discrimination is far away, directly affecting the self-esteem and interests of every citizen.

At first it was a discriminatory screen against the Mexican population when Mr. Trump fought against illegal immigrants; then walked through the stigmatization of black Africans when President Trump called some African countries “shit”, then walked through the sarcastic Indian discrimination TNS Warren calling him “Princess Pocahontas”; then turned to yellow discrimination when he called the Chinese bacteria corona bacteria; And when President Trump restricted travel from Europe to prevent corona translation, of course he couldn’t say white discrimination, so he used a milder name, “xenophobic.” In a nutshell, according to the opposition and the DC, President Trump is all stigmatized and ethnic. Even discriminating against dogs and cats in the past, one reporter accused TT Trump of not having a dog or cat. The strange story is that no newspaper or television has ever denounced TT Trump’s discrimination … communism!

The saddest thing for the opposition is that all of this stigmatizing stuff doesn’t seem to be going well, the American people always seem indifferent.

With Mr. Floyd’s case, it is a golden opportunity to exploit black stigma, the mass that the DC is now completely enslaved in the semi-elections.

This is a carefully considered strategy by the DC and the TTDC to replace absurd slogans like “Yes, we can” from President Obama in the past. Both sensitive and emotional, easy to understand, cool for black voters, and touches on the humanitarian psychology of the American people in general.

Even a Vietnamese-American congressman from Texas quickly waved the Black Lives Matter flag to the right “ must be politically in fashion, ” and tragically told the story, confirming the American people stigmatized against healing, to the point that he himself was a yellow man who was also severely discriminated against. Sorry, you’re a congressman in an electoral unit that doesn’t have a black brother, a few men of Mexican descent, and a few Vietnamese who never vote. Please ask me, who will vote for you if not the white American people. If you are a victim of discrimination, how would you explain the fact that you have been elected continuously for 15 years? His denunciation proves that he is as trivial as any opportunist politician. What a desappointment!

A clever son of Bellaire – a Vietnamese resident in Houston – also jumped, borrowed the Black Lives Matter slogan as a marketing tool, announced his name, was invited to an interview by a solemn TV station. Whoa! The technique of free advertising is like that.

In fact, when the Black Lives Matter slogan was hailed while the All Lives Matter slogan was slandered, the demand for justice for the black population turned into a black civil movement.

The rebellion has metamorphosed through massive violent movements, no longer burning houses and thieves, crushing Target and stealing fridges or small TVs, but into real rebel movements like Dissolution or at least. police disbursement, occupying self-reliant neighborhoods, repeatedly taking to the streets disruptive protests demanding the removal of historic sites, torching police departments, attacking offices, and even more shockingly, establishing the armed forces of The assault was no different from the groups of young Communist volunteers, taking the strange and vulgar name “Not Fucking Around Coalition” -NFAC-!

Force “Not Fucking Around Coalition”.

Imagine if a white group formed a force similar to NFAC, how the TTDC and the DC – and the mad anti-Trump refugees – would react.

But the technique of the “faction” is the tactic called “Wall of mothers”, “Wall of mothers”. This means that in the protests, the “faction” takes mothers and their children first to prevent the police from attacking. A tactic that has been used very well in the past by Daesh.

Inciting rebellion is the terrible price the opposition is willing to pay, only for the most obvious reason that apart from that the opposition is almost desperate, there is no other way to fight. win the next election.

How America will have the lasting consequences of a rebellion, no matter how Trump is reelected or Biden wins, it is … little! Don’t be surprised, think beyond the next election. Just win the election, what will happen after that

The first and most obvious consequence of cowardly officials turning a blind eye hiding in the kitchen during the height of the black rebellion was to confirm to the rebels that if they could be left behind, they could. climb to the top.

From the brutal anti-police movement to the Black Lives Matter movement, under the slogan of being more explosive than Black Lives Matter when black people’s right to life has never been really threatened. Then quickly changed thanks to a monstrous movement called “Cancel Culture” which consists of erasing all the past, removing the system of government, erasing the hierarchy of public order, erasing all history and respecting. education, culture, change both the national anthem and the national flag! The fanatic extremist fanatic of this moment is just a group of rebels, disorganized, without a leader, without a path, without a goal, wanting to destroy everything, but no one understands what to do, wants to build What to replace? Faithful to the definition of the substantive “anarchy”.

 George Soros.

After all, is it really disorganized, no leader? Or is there a “hairy hand” of 30,000 members of the Obama organization for America behind, with the money from billionaire Hung Gia Loi George Soros? Who knows?

The only phenomenon that anyone can see more clearly than during the day is the reaction of the DC block.

At the local level, mayors and governors have been completely paralyzed, partly out of fear, daring to do anything to restore security and order, let alone dare to condemn violence. But this violent martial art is partly expected to beat Trump on the list. In Portland, the capital of the main radical state of Oregon, the shattering rebellion lasted more than two months, tied with Seattle of Washington state. Not only are local governments limited and completely paralyzed, but they are also so afraid of the rebels that they oppose the arrival of Homeland Security Department troops by President Trump to quell the riots.

Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum, blindfolded, said the protests in Portland were the most peaceful.

The cowardice – or nastiness – of the DC party leaders in the face of the catastrophic changes that are now being witnessed in dozens of cities for consecutive weeks, is unmistakably clearly shown, when the crowd the DC party leader suddenly went silent. From old Biden to book pundits like Ms Pelosi, Mr Schumer, even bustle pundits Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, … are also silent. Obviously, they find these violent rebellions extremely harmful to the country in the long run, but at the same time they also see that it is the most effective way to incite voters against President Trump in the short term, as the crowds l ‘is also. Shaky, no one dares to reach out to the black population whose votes the DC needs more than ever.

The only DC politician who dared to speak was Representative Jerold Nadler, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, who said that “these peaceful protests are completely legal, under the First Amendment of the Constitution. , guaranteeing the right to freedom of expression ”. Stealing, burning houses, shooting statues, tearing up flags, … is this the peaceful expression of ideas guaranteed by the Constitution?

Stealing, burning houses, shooting statues, tearing up flags, … is this the peaceful expression of ideas guaranteed by the Constitution?

Constitution guaranteed?

Looking at the attitude of the DC and TTDC parties, it seems that they are playing a fatal bet, with the newest one being cleared. Here, thinking calmly, people clearly see the evil DC strategy, ready to accept rebel raids, to accept the widespread corona epidemic that has infected millions of people, hundreds of thousands. the dead, accepting the economic shutdown, tens of millions of unemployed, tens of thousands of small business owners dissipating their plow careers all their lives, accepting out-of-school children for a year, … worth paying for the ability to spread attacks, not for President Trump to be re-elected.

Remember the saying two years ago of Bill Maher, a rebellious HBO, ready to accept the great economic crisis with millions of people unemployed and bankrupt, if that is the way to beat Trump. Obviously, this Maher sees this as less cruel than the current DC rulers.

As this DTC has repeatedly written, simply because Mr. Trump is the threat of life and death – existential threat from the DC Party and radical left ideology.

The problem is, this bet really doesn’t know who is going to win. The current riots can also confuse and fear the majority of the American people, causing them to panic, rushing to garner votes for President Trump, who obviously has a more chaotic leadership than Biden. .

Worse yet, many fear that the current chaotic image will become the typical image of the Biden administration.

In three months we will have an answer.

 Vu Linh


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