American girl for 7 years trying to prove herself… alive

A girl living in the US state of New Jersey was declared “dead” by the authorities 7 years ago. Even though she was still alive and well, in the government system she was a dead person. Throughout the years, she has always tried to “revive” herself, but authorities say the problem may take a while to resolve.

According to CBS reports, 25-year-old Samantha Dreissig said that after her mother died in 2014, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) listed her as a “dead” person that she and her father encountered. tax related issues.

Although her last name is different from her mother’s, she believes this is because government officials mistook her for her mother.

“Life is short,” Samantha told CBS. You never know when you’ll die.” But according to IRS documents, Ms. Samantha has been dead for 7 years.

Ms. Samantha has been working hard for the past 7 years to prove that she is still alive. Recently, an Internal Revenue Service employee told her, “Oh! In our entire system, you are already dead.”

Ms Samantha said: ‘They said, ‘No, sorry, this account is related to a dead person.'”

The issue affects not only Samantha herself, but also her father’s inability to register her as a foster parent on the tax bill because she “has passed away.”

CBS reporter Jessica Layton called the Internal Revenue Service to ask. Ms Layton also told a staff member: “She’s definitely not dead, I just finished talking to her.”

Although the Internal Revenue Service told Ms. Samantha in the past, “This situation may take some time to resolve.” But 7 years is an unacceptable amount of time.

“I really wanted to let the Internal Revenue Service know that I’m still alive,” Ms. Samantha said.

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