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American voters: we really need the truth, we don’t want criminals running the country

Michigan voters Dwayne Dimet received interviews from NTDTV. (Photo: NTDTV).

In this US general election, the mainstream media ignoring the fraudulent behavior of Democrats sparked public discontent and boycott, especially of the elections. sorting, according to NTDTV.

Vote Trucker Randy – an employee of the Cobo Center in Michigan and curator of Radio Patriot, believes the mainstream media, polling companies, sponsors and Google have been complicit with each other, facilitating voter fraud.

“They (the mainstream media) tried to give us the same trashy information they did in 2016. If Biden had a 10 point lead, it would be a green wave,” Trucker Randy said. It would have been a landslide victory, but it didn’t happen. The only way for them to steal this election is through the news media colluding with various public opinion polls, including all of their spokespersons, including Fox. News, they all link the teaching to the enemy in this electoral theft ”.

Female voter Susan Rooney and her son Preston Runyon say the mainstream media is dividing the country, which is disappointing.

Voter Preston Runyon said, “Yes, I think so too. I think it can be seen as betrayal, displaying dangerous things in public, inciting conflicts, increasing tensions and dividing the country.

Michigan voter Dwayne Dimet has said the mainstream media is no longer the news channel, so they will no longer accept their act of assassination and false propaganda.

“The mainstream media covers everything and protects everything for them,” said Dwayne Dimet. This is part of the problem … Now if you don’t watch ABC, NBC, CNN, ABC, CBS they won’t make any money so don’t watch or buy what they offer on the shows news. their news ”.

“We don’t watch them all,” Marty Dimet said. No one wants to see their socialist propaganda. They have a conspiracy. Let’s not look at their propaganda. It is very negative and it is no longer relevant ”.

Mr. Dwayne Dimet said what people need is real and the country cannot be run by criminal gangs. “We really need the truth, we really need genuine votes, we need responsible people, and we don’t want criminals running the country,” he said.

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