An adorable black Labrador puppy is said to ‘smile’ at everyone passing by wishing to find a new family.

The 8-week-old Berreaux, of a breed Labrador, was brought to the Humanitarian Society of Northwest Louisiana along with two other dogs, Joe and O.

Reportedly, the Director of the Humanitarian Association, Ms. Courtney Wingate, discovered the adorable puppies at a local animal control center and could not afford to leave them there, so they brought them back. In particular, among the puppies, Berreaux gave her a ‘full’ smile that touched her deeply.

These three dogs were then cared for and named by Sarrah Walton. Berreaux had a difficult start because he fell seriously ill after being rescued. However, the Humane Society quickly brought the puppy to the animal hospital, where he made a surprising recovery.

Sarrah told The Dodo: ‘Whenever you sweet-talk Berreaux, the boy will put on a big smile. It was like the boy was saying, ‘Come with me and love me’! ‘

On social media, the Humanitarian Association has posted adorable clips of puppies wishing to find them a new home. After Joe showed off his hide and seek skills, he was quickly adopted.

For Berreuax, the staff of the Humanitarian Association decided to show his sweetness with a clip of Berreuax, grinning. Facebook posts received 194,000 views and attracted hundreds of likes, shares, comments.

However, despite this rapid popularity, Berreaux has yet to find a home for himself

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