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Apple is withdrawing from China, iPhone 12 will be made in India

Illustration from Apple video.

Apple intends to transfer 7% to 10% of its China production capacity to India, according to Epoch Times, which believes that the iPhone 12 will be produced by Hon Hai Technology at its factory in Tamil Nadu, India, where the headquarters is key of this Group.

New Talk, on March 8, said that although the world expects that relations between the US and China will ease tensions after Biden takes office, the trend of the tech giants to ease their dependence. into the Chinese market is still going on.

In January, the Nikkei Asian Review magazine revealed that Apple’s iPhone and iPad will accelerate the transfer of production facilities from China to India, Vietnam and expand iPhone production in India. The group also plans to produce the first 5G mobile phone and iPhone 12 in India.

In December of last year, Chinese media reported that Hon Hai Group, Apple’s main outsourcing plant, will begin pilot production of the iPhone 12 in India and is expected to launch within two months.

In recent years, labor costs in China have been on the rise, furthermore the US-China trade war continues and the Wuhan pneumonia epidemic has disrupted global supply chains. Besides, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) relentlessly uses commercial measures to force other countries to bow before them. Those are the reasons large international companies have moved some or all of their assets out of China, especially companies from Japan and South Korea.

Yang Shaozhi, a former professor at the School of Economics at Guizhou University, said in an interview in October last year that foreign entrepreneurs withdrew from China to disperse business risks. This is the basic perception of investment, “Furthermore, the current Sino-US relationship is actually in a relatively tense state, and the CCP itself is violating its own constitution. For example, the constitution protects the right to freedom of speech and belief, ”Mr. Duong said.

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