Large numbers of protesters held placards for President Donald Trump and American flags outside the Capitol building. (Photo: Screenshot from NTDTV video).

On Wednesday afternoon (Jan. 6 U.S. Time), videos showed a large crowd of people holding flags in support of Trump breaking through the fence and storming the Capitol and. The Gateway Pundit gathered evidence that this group of people entering the Capitol were likely not Trump supporters.

Earlier, a retired FBI agent announced on Twitter that the Antifa group had mingled with a stream of Trump supporters.

He wrote: “[A] former FBI agent at the US Capitol just texted me and confirmed that at least [there was] a ‘bus full’ of Antifa thugs infiltrating the protesters. Trump is a peaceful element of [raising] false flags [in favor of] Trump ”.

The Washington Times reported that Antifa members mingled with Trump’s supporters and broke into the Capitol. A retired military officer said the company XRVision used software to recognize the faces of protesters. As a result, the two men burst into the Senate whose faces match the Antifa member.

Photo: Twitter

An individual breaking into the Capitol was seen in at a BLM event in the summer. He was sitting in the chair of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, shirtless despite the cold outside.

Photo: Twitter

Baked Alaska and Nick Fuentes broke into Pelosi’s office. Baked Alaska once backed Trump in 2016 but then he changed. Now he’s able to break into the Pelosi office again with controversial activist Nick Fuentes.

One of the protesters who broke into the Capitol had a tattoo of Communism on hand, unlike Trump supporters.

An analysis of the events of January 6 revealed: “… It was nothing more than a preparation to destroy and discredit the Trump movement. This is consistent with the news and psychological warfare that has been waged against Donald Trump and the American people since Mr. Trump’s announcement of his election.

Others point out that this is the third time Trump supporters have gathered in Washington DC since the November election without violence. Also, why isn’t Antifa attacking Trump supporters the way they do? Did they infiltrate the event themselves?