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Arizona Supreme Court agrees to adjudicate election fraud

US citizens oppose voter fraud (Image: Reuters)

The Arizona Supreme Court has agreed to hear a legal challenge on Maricopa County ballots cast by Republican state president Kelli Ward, according to Thepostmillennial.

Maricopa County is the largest county in Arizona, with more than half of the state’s population. This is where the state capital, Phoenix is ​​located. The results of the vote count, disregarding the fraud factor, showed Mr. Biden won in that district. This is the first time Maricopa has turned to support a Democratic candidate since former President Harry S. Truman ruled Arizona in 1948.

An Arizona court dismissed Ms Ward’s lawsuit on Friday (December 4), but the state Supreme Court agreed to hear the case after Ms Ward announced the anomalies. found in a voting sample she was entitled to review, The Washington Times reported.

Arizona Supreme Court justices are appointed by the state governor from a list of candidates. This list is approved by a bipartisan state committee. The seven judges were appointed by Republican governors, with incumbent Governor Doug Ducey signing on to appoint five.

Another lawsuit brought by President Trump’s campaign in the state in November was called off after campaign members agreed Biden’s voting stakes were too high, so the lawsuit would be. hard.

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