Arrested with the wife of another person, the third person who had a stormy escape screen, the most comical is the neighbor’s lady

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This one-of-a-kind funny jealousy capture screen is making social media talk constantly.

Whatever the reason, adultery is always a problem that hurts those involved. Even if the years passed, those supposedly healed scars would still be sore.

Getting cheating on his wife to cheat, her husband is so angry that he wants to risk his life to deal with the third person

However, pain is the story of the insider, and from the perspective of witnesses, sometimes the cheating stories are no different from the comedies that we still watch on TV. is a good example.

It is not clear where the incident took place, but perhaps to protect the identities of those involved, Ghana’s Atinka News did not release specific details. Just know that, they reported on this incident in early October of last year and as soon as it was shared, it went viral across forums about the humor of the story.

The story was announced by Atinka News in early October last year.

The video was probably recorded by a neighbor who happened to be at the scene showing, a young man who had an illicit relationship with his lover is a blonde girl who looks quite sexy and hot. .

However, when the two were having fun at the girl’s house, her husband, the man in jeans and a blue T-shirt, suddenly returned without notice. Not much time left, he had to run away when he just put on a pair of shorts and a pair of socks.

It’s not that simple, he has a stormy escape screen when facing the main house.

Luckily, somehow, he was able to prepare a rope made of many different looking fabrics to climb onto the ground and escape.

However, the guy’s escape screen became extremely turbulent with fierce resistance from the husband. He even intended to climb out onto the balcony, cling to the rope with his rival to decisively punish the man who had stepped in on his family’s happiness.

If he hadn’t been dragged in by his wife, perhaps the man had climbed out, decisively fighting the enemy.

Without the wife to stop him, the husband would probably have done so, and put both him and the third person in danger with the aerial grappling.

The neighbor’s sudden appearance and unexpected reaction made netizens laugh with tears

In the videos of cheating adulterers, there are usually only 3 characters, that is the wife, the husband and the third person, but this story is very special when there is the appearance of a … neighbor woman. do not like people with such indecent behavior.

Immediately after obtaining the help of his lover, the man smoothly climbed downstairs.

However, the waves have not released him when suddenly, a neighbor who loves justice somewhere suddenly shows up and punishes him by hitting him with a broom.

It is not clear whether this woman’s blows hurt him or so fell below, but it also made netizens laugh out loud with most of the comments attached. Smilies emoticons to tears.

Some people think that after seeing this scene, the betrayed husband can also be somewhat relieved, when another person has replaced him to punish the rival.

Being caught with the wife of another person, the third person with a stormy escape screen, the most humorous is the action of the neighbor.

The cost of eating forbidden fruit has never been cheap, said another.

After watching this video, perhaps the guys who like to hang around with other people’s wives have one more object to be wary of on the way to escape, that is the neighbors, a humorous netizen commented.

Meanwhile, some people wonder if this man can run away from his lover’s husband and return safely.

According to Atinka News

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