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Australian newspaper: Mysterious flights between China and Myanmar appeared at night

According to Australian, every night for more than a week, unregistered aircraft have been carrying unidentified cargo and people between China and neighboring Myanmar.

Myanmar shares a large border with China in the northeast, now separated from the world as the military staged a coup and came to power three weeks ago.

Speculation about China’s takeover of the coup in Myanmar first surfaced earlier this month, when state-affiliated media described the takeover as mere “domestic reform.” .

But as Myanmar faces a growing risk of violence, attention has shifted to the planes that fly nightly between Yangon International Airport and Kunming, China, which the military regime is currently “trying to control.” hide”.

The Chinese government and Myanmar Airways have claimed that the planes are simply carrying seafood for export.

“There has been disinformation and rumors linking China to Myanmar-related issues,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Uong Van Ban said last week when asked whether China would send hardware and IT professionals in Myanmar or not.

However, “the details of the flights questioned make [China’s seafood claims] very unlikely,” according to military-civilian expert Susan Hutchinson in an article for The Strategist. She speculated that China was not only aware of the military coup, but also sent troops across the border to support Myanmar’s military.

Ms Hutchinson pointed out that since the military (also known as Tatmadaw) took over, international flights are banned and very few flights currently use Yangon International Airport.

“But on average, five flights a night and up to three planes flew to Kunming in southern China,” she wrote.

“Two of the planes are painted Myanmar Airways color and the other is unbranded. They are all hired by private companies, so they will act on command. “

Ms Hutchinson added that the aircraft’s transmitters were turned off and that this violated international aviation rules. In addition, flights that are not checked online by Kunming Airport are arrivals. “Anyone who organized these thefts will find ways to hide them,” she said.

“The situation in Myanmar shows two possibilities for what the plane is carrying. The first is that they are calling on the Chinese military and cyber experts to help the Tatmadaw control access to information, ”she wrote.

“Second, they are increasing their supply of arms to the Tatmadaw.”

Ms Hutchinson said China is currently the fifth largest arms exporter in the world, so that argument may well be valid.

“If past behavior is a predictor of future behavior, the prospect of violence against other minorities and civilians in the country will dramatically increase when the military takes over,” she said.

“This is especially true of the Kachins on Myanmar’s northern border with China and the remaining 600,000 Rohingya in Rakhine State, on the border with Bangladesh.

“Usually, before large-scale genocide campaigns or campaigns to crudely suppress civil disobedience, we will see a sharp increase in arms imports.”

Ms Hutchinson noted that there would be no need for particularly sophisticated weapons for the Tatmadaw to continue to genocide the Rohingya, but that they would consume mace and ammunition, “adding that Myanmar is one of the 3. Major arms imports from Beijing over the past decade.
“In particular, Kunming is home to a large artillery unit, the People’s Liberation Army 63 Missile Base, as well as a variety of intelligence and signal networks, including a unit focused on operations in Southeast Asia. South East. As a regional center, the city also has significant storage and logistics facilities and an air base.

Ms Hutchinson also said that with the United Nations Security Council banned from participating in Myanmar due to influence from both China and Russia, it is not clear whether either of these countries “knew that General Min Aung Hlaing was on his feet. What are the plans in the weeks leading up to the coup?” or not.

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