Be sterilized by a veterinarian, the dog went to the veterinary clinic release anger for 3 months

Every day as always, every 3pm, the dog came in front of the veterinary clinic to bark continuously at the doctors who had sterilized it.

In the process of raising dogs and cats, to a certain age, many lotus will bring the baby to the sterilization. Part of it may be to avoid having too many births or it could be to keep them from leaving home looking for a partner of the opposite sex, or being lost or stolen.

Not long ago, a man in China’s Hunan Province also took his pet dog for sterilization. However, it seemed like a great emotional shock for the dog, which left him angry with the vet for a long time. It even ran to the vet clinic door to bark every day.

The video recorded by the veterinarian shows the dog has yellow fur, it faces the clinic and constantly barking at the doctors. Occasionally, it turns its head backwards as if signaling to doctors about the “losses” it has suffered.

The dog turned towards the clinic, barking as if cursing the doctor in the face.

Veterinarian surnamed Tieu said that this dog is female, its owner was nearby and brought it to the sterilization clinic in October 2020. Unexpectedly, after the sterilization was finished, every day at 3 pm, the dog came to the clinic door and barked loudly.

This situation lasted for 3 months. Dr. Tieu also said that they approached the dog to apologize, but it refused to accept it, making everyone extremely helpless.

“I heard its owner say that he had fallen in love after sterilization. Maybe because of that reason, he hated me, every day came here and cursed me”, Dr. Tieu said.

This condition lasted for 3 months leaving the veterinarian impotent.

The incident after being posted on social networks quickly attracted the attention of the public. Most of them could not help laughing at this situation.

“Thinking is also a crime. I admit this dog is very hostile ”, one person commented.

Another man changed the words of the boss: “I thought you were sorry. Every day I came and barked for his earache. Please regret it, vet ”.

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