Beijing warned to arrest US citizens in retaliation

The Chinese government has warned that it could arrest U.S. citizens in the country in retaliation for lawsuits by the U.S. Department of Justice against Chinese academics, the Wall Street Journal reported on October 17.


The WSJ cited an anonymous source as saying that Chinese authorities have repeatedly issued warnings through multiple channels against U.S. government officials.

The newspaper argued that Beijing’s message was that Washington must end the prosecution of Chinese academics in US courts, or Americans in China would be arrested and prosecuted under Chinese law.

On September 14, the US State Department advised citizens to avoid traveling to China to avoid the risk of being arrested for political purposes.

The Chinese Embassy in Washington has yet to comment.

Recently, President Donald Trump’s administration has repeatedly accused China of stepping up cyber attacks and espionage to steal technological, military and other information in its strategy to replace the United States as the top military power. and financial world. However, Beijing has denied the allegations.

In July, the Justice Department said that the FBI arrested three Chinese nationals for allegedly concealing their membership in the Chinese military during a visa application to conduct research at U.S. educational institutions.

Last month, the United States said it had withdrawn visas from more than 1,000 Chinese citizens. This is a step taken by President Trump to deny entry to students and researchers considered a threat to national security. In response, the Chinese government has called this a human rights violation.

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