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Beijing was engulfed in the biggest sand storm in 10 years, people speak like Doomsday

The whole city of Beijing was engulfed in deep yellow when the sandstorm passed on March 20, 2020. It is a common occurrence this season of the year, but the storm of March 15, 2021 was the worst in 10 years. (photo: Shutterstock).

On Monday March 15, a sandstorm swept through the Chinese capital Beijing, causing the cancellation of flights and seriously affecting the health of residents. Huge buildings were covered in dense dust while traffic was congested in the big city.

The AP news agency said more than 400 flights from the city’s two main airports were canceled due to poor visibility and high winds. NBC News reported that the Beijing Weather Observatory urged children and the elderly to avoid going out on the streets. They also say that anyone with a health problem affecting the respiratory system should stay indoors. If townspeople have to leave their homes, the center says they should wear a face veil to block out dust and wash their faces when they return home.

Flora Zou, a Beijing resident who works in fashion, told Reuters: It looks like an apocalypse … In a weather like this, I really don’t want to be outside.

China’s pollution is a growing concern as it continues to affect people’s health. A study by the Institute of Health Effects found that pollution in China caused an estimated 1.42 million premature deaths in 2019.

Daily Wire screenshot.

According to the AP report, the National Meteorological Center said Monday’s storm started in the Gobi Desert of Inner Mongolia, where schools have been recommended to close and a bus service has been added to reduce l exposure of people to extreme conditions.

Extreme weather conditions are not uncommon in this region at this time of year. China has made efforts to mitigate the effects of sandstorms by planting foliage to offset the intensity. Reuters reports that Beijing has built a “great green wall to not only capture dust before it affects the region, but also to create passageways through which winds can blow at faster speeds.” However, cities and industrialization have also grown in recent years, which has affected the country’s environment.

It is the most intense sandstorm our country has ever seen in 10 years, and also the most extensive, the center wrote in an article on its website.

Last year, Xi Jinping pledged that China would achieve carbon neutralization by 2060. He also announced that China would step up its emissions reduction. China is said to top the list as the most polluting country in the world. Xi did not say how China would achieve these goals, but told the United Nations General Assembly at the time that mankind is no longer able to ignore repeated warnings from nature.

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