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Biden and radical policies extreme after nearly 3 months in office

Democrat Joe Biden has been in office for nearly 3 months. During this time, he and other Democrats chose radical actions and policies that, contrary to his commitments made to the American people during the campaign, were both harmful. for the United States, including the expansion of the Supreme Court, amnesty for illegal immigrants, federal unified election law, removal of electoralism, etc.

Mr. Joe Biden. (Photo: Adam Schultz / Flickr White House)

On April 14, Breitbart News page reviewed Mr. Biden’s radical actions in nearly three months in office: expanding the Supreme Court, amnesty illegal immigration, compensation for blacks. , the federal election law, which creates the state in the District of Columbia, repeals the electoral college.

Expanding the Supreme Court

Regarding the experiment to expand the Supreme Court, from 1937 until now there has been no similar case, but on April 15 this year, there was a big change, there were a number of parliamentarians proposing legislation about this.

Democratic federal Senator Ed Markey proposes an increase of four seats in the Supreme Court proposing a draft legislation, extending the Supreme Court from the current 9 members to 13.

However, during the presidency, Joe Biden was asked if he would expand the Supreme Court, he did not directly express his stance out of concern that if he agreed to expand the Supreme Court. The house will affect the voter’s support for them. At that time, Mr. Biden said that he would convene a committee to determine the right or wrong in expanding the Supreme Court.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, after learning of the Supreme Court expansion bill, said she supported what Mr. Biden said about the commission, but did not completely reject the legislation.

Amnesty for illegal immigration

On January 29, the Biden administration issued a “Wish List of Amnesty and the Cheap Labor Bill”.

Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin once told Newsweek: “If we can reach an agreement as soon as possible, we will reintroduce the underlying bill. This will be the starting point for us to build support and look at any other additions. ”

A source said: “If Congress can provide basic workers, dream students, temporary protected people and farm workers a variety of options for citizenship / nationality, that would be a good thing for the White House. ”

Breitbart News points out that Mr. Biden’s primary purpose of pardoning illegal immigrants is to attract a large number of Democratic voters and dilute US voters so that Democrats have enough votes to win. win in future elections.

Compensation for blacks

The House Judiciary Committee, chaired by Democrats, also passed a bill on April 14. The bill would appoint a 15-member committee to study compensation for black American slaves and make recommendations for compensation.

The content of the bill states that slavery has resulted in “systematic” discrimination against black Americans, but it is currently unclear who will compensate whom in the end.

Burgess Owens, one of two black Republicans in the House of Representatives, said this Democrat bill depicts black communities as a helpless generation, but ignores the success of blacks.

Federal election law

The US House of Representatives passed the so-called “Act for the People” (HR1) bill on March 3, which will eventually lead to federal unification in US elections.

This measure extends voter registration powers (e.g. automatic registration and registration on polling day) and voting powers (e.g. mail voting and early voting), and imposes use restrictions on removing disqualified voters from the electoral roll.

The US Constitution states that election laws are enacted by states. The HR1 Act revokes all rights to state elections at the federal level and enforces them consistently across the country. However, it reduces the safety and integrity of the election, increasing the likelihood of electoral fraud. This may be exactly what the Democrats need. In this way, Democratic election fraud in the 2020 presidential election could be legalized.

Washington Special District establishes states

The House Oversight Committee also passed bill HR51 with a 25-19 vote rate on April 14 to make Washington DC a state. It is expected that next week there will be a vote in the House of Representatives.

Jurisprudence scholars believe that if the 23rd Amendment to the Constitution is not amended, it would not be feasible for Washington DC to establish a state. In 2007, the Legal Counseling Office also declared that doing so was unconstitutional. The Department of Justice under former President Reagan and former President Carter has also stated that this is unconstitutional, so is Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

The 23rd Amendment to the Constitution was passed in 1961, ensuring that there were three electors in Washington DC for the presidential election. Since 1964, all three electors have voted for the presidential candidates for the Democratic Party. But Democrats will keep moving forward, if Washington DC becomes a state, Democrats will have two more seats in the Senate and more seats in the House.

Eliminate the electoral college system

The Electoral College system has also been hacked. On April 15 (Thursday), the National Assembly continued to issue a resolution to abolish the electoral college system.

The special electoral college system in the United States is a proportional balance system that ensures equality between populous states and less populous states in the presidential election, avoiding populous states one hand shielding the sky, manipulating the election results. Even if electoral fraud occurs in a certain state, the results will not have a strong impact on national election results.

For a long time, many radical Democrats have tried to abolish the electoral college system. Since 2000, the Democratic presidential candidate has won the popular vote in two general elections, but they have failed because they lost the electoral votes.

Particularly in the 2016 general election, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton claimed to have 2.8 million more popular votes than his Republican rival Donald Trump, but in the electoral election he Trump defeated Ms. Hillary with the votes 304 – 277. Ms. Hillary was always on her mind.

In the 2016 general election, Mr. Trump and the Republicans accused Hillary and the Democrats of obtaining large numbers of votes by fraud.

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