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Biden criticized for going on vacation while the Taliban took over Afghanistan

On Sunday (August 15), Republican members of Congress criticized President Biden when he took time to relax at Camp David instead of staying at the White House amid the Taliban attack and takeover. Afghanistan.

Historically, Camp David has been used by US presidents for both work and leisure, and is fully equipped with secure video conferencing technology. White House press secretary Jen Psaki said last week that Biden “likes Camp David.”

Republican Congressman Jim Jordan (Ohio) asked on Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures column: “Why is Joe Biden on vacation? I didn’t see him answer any questions from the press during the weekend, and it’s a scary situation.”

Fox News confirmed on Sunday morning that Afghan President Ashraf Ghani had fled the country as Taliban soldiers entered the country’s capital, Kabul.

“Why is Joe Biden running away?” Republican Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas asked the question.

Republican Representative Lauren Boebert of Colorado accused Mr. Biden of “distraction of duty.” Two Republican Congressmen Jim Banks (Indiana state) and Congressman Elise Stefanik (New York state) also voiced criticism of Mr. Biden.

Two House Democrats also criticized the Biden administration for its handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan on Twitter.

Representative Dean Phillips (Minnesota) said: “As a child of the Gold Star in the Vietnam War – when I heard the White House brief the withdrawal from the Afghanistan War, my heart was special. painfully special for thousands of Gold Star families – a painful and uncanny episode 46 years later,” he said, referring to the event that took place in Saigon in 1975.

“There is no way to hide that. The situation in Afghanistan is another disgrace for this administration. Withdrawal is never easy but it doesn’t have to go to such a step,” tweeted Representative Vicente Gonzalez (Texas). “The United States must do everything in its power to keep our partners and allies safe and protect our national security.”

Former President Donald Trump on Sunday (August 15, US time) also issued a statement through the Save America Political Action Committee (Save America PAC) calling on President Joe Biden to “resign in disgrace.” . Mr. Trump said that Mr. Biden was responsible for what happened in Afghanistan, the strong COVID-19 outbreak again in the US, the US-Mexico border disaster, the loss of US energy independence, and the US economy stalled.

Recently, the White House posted a photo of Mr. Biden meeting with Mrs. Harris and the national security team on Saturday (August 14) at Camp David in Maryland.

On Sunday, a White House official told Fox News that Biden “has spoken to members of the National Security team about the situation in Afghanistan and will continue to receive updates.” as well as the summary announcement of the day.”

In another development, on August 16, the Guardian quoted an official from the US State Department, the country’s flag was no longer flying on the roof of the embassy in the capital Kabul. The flag is currently in the hands of an embassy employee among thousands of Americans and Afghan citizens waiting for the plane.

The official also told the AP that nearly all of the embassy’s staff had been taken to the airport in Kabul.

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