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Biden up, Director of Voice of America resigned

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Former President Trump has worked hard to revamp the Voice of America (VOA) which the White House calls the “propaganda loudspeaker of the Chinese government”, going through four years of legal proceedings, President Trump replaced the CEO last year. However, these efforts were reversed just two days after Mr. Biden took office, The Washington Post said.

After Mr. Biden was sworn in on January 20, he asked the United States Agency for World Media (USAGM) Michael Pack to resign, at the same time. Appoints journalist Kelu Chao, who has worked at VOA for 40 years to temporarily take over the post, in charge of US foreign radio affairs. According to the former VOA employee revealed, Mr. Michael Pack asked the authorities to “obey the law” but was kicked out of the office by the security guard.

The USAGM is the “direct boss” of VOA, its CEO must be confirmed by the Senate.

The next day, Ms Kelu Chao asked VOA Director Robert Reilly and Deputy Director Elizabeth Robbins to “step down”. The two were appointed by Michael Pack last December and have only been in office for two months. Ms. Kely Chao also appointed VOA reporter Yolanda Lopez as representative director.

In addition, Jeffrey Shapiro, curator of the Office of Cuba Broadcasting, also “resigned” the same day. Mr Shapiro has been appointed interim curator by Michael Pack and he is also an ally of former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon.

Earlier this month (January 11), former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo delivered a speech at VOA Headquarters as part of a partnership between Mr. Michael Pack, Mr. Robert Reilly and Ms. Elizabeth Robbins. In his speech, Mr. Mike Pompeo pointed out that in the most difficult times, the United States must still ensure a free voice, not act as a propaganda speaker for the CCP. The Washington Post pointed out that the appointment of Ms Kelu Chao and Ms Yolanda Lopez is tantamount to returning US news agencies to the state they were in before Michael Pack took office.

In April last year, the White House under the Trump administration pointed out that the Voice of the United States is funded by tax money from the American people has become the CCP’s propaganda spokesperson, wasting the taxpayer money.

The summary states that VOA receives approximately $ 200 million in funding each year from the US government. VOA’s primary mission is to “present American policies clearly and effectively” to people around the world. However, “VOA today often speaks for the enemies of the United States instead of speaking for the people.”

Two months later, President Trump appointed Michael Pack as president and CEO of the US Global Communications Agency (USAGM), responsible for overseeing foreign propaganda agencies such as Voice of America (VOA). Radio Free Europe (RFE), Radio Free Asia (RFA) and the Middle East Television Center (MBC), manage more than 4,000 employees. The US government contributes $ 637 million annually to these news organizations.

Pack believes that he and the media under his control have a mission to revive American public diplomacy through international broadcasting.

As “The National Pulse” reported on January 22, after the 2020 US election, the trust of the American people in the media fell to historically low levels, with more than half of people no longer trusting the media.

56% of Americans believe that journalist journalists intentionally cover up the truth, report fake news or take their words seriously, intentionally misleading people.

58% of Americans believe that the vast majority of media are more likely to favor specific ideologies or political positions in their reporting than to report the truth.

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