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Bill Gates charged with “treason” in electoral fraud

Billionaire – famous philanthropist Bill Gates. (Photo via Twitter)

According to reports, Bill Gates and influential officials raised concerns among veteran polling staff of being infected with COVID-19, opening up opportunities for young activists. winning votes for Joe Biden – securing Joe’s “victory” exactly what the media reported.

Journalist Shane Trejo wrote to Big League Politics: “COVID-19 was used as an excuse to intimidate some of the veteran officials at the polls, forcing them to retire from work to replace them.” .

The Campus Vote project – part of the Fair Elections Center organization received funding from the New Investment Fund, to hire young BLM activists as counting staff. The new investment fund has received over $ 94 million from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and other global special interest groups such as the Ford Foundation and the Hewlett Foundation.

NBC News was the first news agency to denounce the aforementioned “young students of color”, noting that they were “a diverse group of thousands of young Americans, from 16 high school students age to students.” , were assigned the role of “undertaking the counting of votes across the country during early elections and on general election day”.

Once established, these young black students, with help from the Poll Workers Project and the Poll Hero Project, committed widespread fraud, trying to win for Joe Biden.

Basketball player Lebron James was also involved in this fraud. He partnered with the NAACP Legal Protection Foundation and organized the Power the Polls recruiting, to recruit more black youth to count votes in most urban areas. electoral fraud.

Bill Gates should be charged with treason
Bill Gates has now achieved what he wanted, many analysts say, with left-wing media rushing to name Joe Biden as the winner. This euphoric billionaire quickly celebrated because that’s what he wanted, Biden was elected, he could proceed more easily, not being “in the way” like TT Trump.

The above actions showed that Bill Gates was complicit in the act of treason against America. It was his funding and meddling that led many states to declare victory up to Joe Biden, even though the voter fraud was too obvious and awaiting legal settlement.

In Nevada, for example, whistleblowers signed an affidavit claiming they had observed Bill Gates’ “young black college students” who advised voters to try to vote, but failed. have proper identification that is enough for them to request what they need from the DMV and bring the documents with them. Legal advice is not acceptable.

One of the whistleblowers said in the affidavit: “Our team leader and two other assistants asked us to notify voters who wanted to register to vote, without a proper driver’s license. in Nevada that they can drive to the parking lot, make an appointment with the DMV to get a driver’s license, then bring proof of their appointment (either hard copy or taken on their phone), submit it. us, and they can then register to vote ”.

“They are then allowed to vote with a provisional ballot, although their license appointment does not take place until January 2021. We are told that this is allowed everywhere, in all polling stations.

In another case, a whistleblower watched 2 people open postal ballot envelopes, fill out ballots and sign them, then put them back into the formal pink white envelope as if they were ballots. This is sent by the legal voters.

Another whistleblower said: “I often see a lot of people come in with a lot of votes in hand. We were not allowed to speak with the observers. We are not allowed to say anything to the observers ”.

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