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Brave dog does everything to save his little brother from drowning

Jessie, a Staffordshire Bulldog, saved her brother Chucky, a Pomeranian, from drowning while his owner was away.

When Byron and his wife Melissa returned home, they were baffled to find one of their dogs, Chucky, soaked. Thanks to their security footage, they had an answer.

What they saw shocked them; Chucky staggered and fell into the pool. Because of Chucky’s small size, he struggled to swim out of the pool.

Jessie, their other dog, finds Chucky struggling. She tries to help her brother get out of the pool. As if she was encouraging Chucky not to give up.

After several attempts, Jessie got Chucky’s gruff and pulled him out of the pool. She even put her foot on her brother’s back, preventing him from falling again.

Owner Jessie. Byron said, “I’m proud of her, considering her the youngest.” The family decided to install a swimming pool cover to keep the pet safe.


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