British wild horse returned ‘from the dead’

Witnesses were amazed when the supposedly dead horse lay motionless on the floor but suddenly regained consciousness and underwent a miraculous recovery.

The horse Heidi lay collapsed on the floor unmoving, determined to be dead

Death and resurrection are extremely rare cases on Earth. In the animal kingdom, there are also some species that are capable of being ‘dead over and over’. These are animals that will “temporarily die” in winter to overcome the extreme cold weather in many areas and then come back to life in spring. Typical representatives in this case are frogs, turtles, water bears …

However, the horse is not one of the few cases, so when the story of the dead horse came back to life quickly became the focus of attention.

Heidi, a horse living on a ranch in East Durham, England lies motionless on the floor and is presumed dead. But in the presence of many volunteers from the Horse Association in England, the horse suddenly regained consciousness, breathing breathing.

One of the witnesses said this is the most surprising rare case he has ever experienced. Immediately after discovering that the horse was still breathing, 5 people together lifted it up.

Miraculous recovery process of the horse from the dead back to life
Relief center spokesperson Here 4 Horses said: “The decision was taken very quickly to save the horse. It took five people to lift it up.”

Wendy Suddes, a special education specialist working at Here 4 Horses, said the Heidi was found in worst condition. She said: “When the rescuers showed up, they met the hunter who was called by the owner to get the body of the Heidi horse. He thought it was dead before, but the rescue team made the decision to give the horse a chance.” .  

Heidi’s injuries on her body gradually recovered under the careful care of rescue workers
Heidi was very ill, unable to stand or walk. The healers had to transfer a lot of plasma to the horse because the protein level in the blood was too low. The recovery process takes more than 5 weeks, the new horse can stand up on its own.

The caregivers prepare horse protective clothing and modify the pants into shorts to protect the body and prevent the sores from worsening. Gradually, the horse recovered and began to be able to walk on the pasture.

The veterinarian prepares the horse’s clothes and transmits a lot of plasma to help the horse quickly recover

The wild horse suffered many wounds on its body

After a while, the horse was able to get up on its own

From a horse lying dead on the floor with many wounds, the horse got up and gradually healed

At present, the horse experiences a new life with a healthy body

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