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Candace Owens: George Floyd is just a “pawn” in the Democratic game of politics

 Conservative author and analyst Candace Owens has criticized the “guilty” verdict against former Minneapolis Police Derek Chauvin for the death of George Floyd last summer.

(Photo: Candace Owens)
Owens said former Chauvin police officer had endured “crowd justice” and that the jury’s ruling was most likely influenced by threats from politicians such as left-wing Rep. Maxine Waters and others. otherwise if they don’t accuse Mr. Chauvin.

“What we’re really seeing is crowd justice, and that’s really what happened to this whole trial. This is not the trial of George Floyd and Derek Chauvin, “she said on” Tucker Carlson Tonight. “

“This is a test of whether the media is powerful enough to make another version or decide on a story, ignoring other facts.”

Owens said video of Floyd’s encounter with Chauvin was broadcast online, while other information about the incident seemed to be deliberately ignored, such as details of Fentanyl’s [drug] fentanyl Floyd used before dying.

“The media told us that [Floyd] was a man who just wanted to live well, a good member of society, and he was murdered for a” racist white cop. ” took action and killed him, ”Ms. Owens said, adding that the scene about Fentanyl was ignored by activists.

“They keep hitting that [racist] story, and the Democrats are happy because they know the media supports them and that means Democrats can get whatever they want. “

People like Floyd can be used “like pawns” in a political game, Owens added.

She also said the left will not stop there after a “guilty” sentence against Derek Chauvin has been reached.

“Now they are saying that condemning Chauvin is not enough. It wasn’t justice… What they wanted was a permanent revolution. That is why they want people to become indifferent. That’s why they want people in the education system to learn nothing but race, and how to get angry. ”

“It’s propaganda going on in the mainstream media, and it’s working… [with] critical racial theory and all this nonsense, all to make sure. we will always have reason to be angry and use violence, and be willing to riot and plunder on behalf of Democrats, because that’s what they want right now. They want pawns in a nefarious scheme to take over this country. ”

Ms. Owens also mentioned House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who “Thank you Floyd for sacrificing your life.” She said Mrs. Pelosi’s comments ignored the victims of Floyd’s previous criminal crimes.

“Imagine, Tucker, if you were one of Floyd’s victims alive, was one of his victims, he robbed him of arms, and now you read that this man’s name. will always be synonymous with ‘justice’, how will you feel? ” she questioned the host Tucker Carlson.

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