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Catching a small fish, he released it, and 2 months later, when he returned to the stream, he caught an unbelievable phenomenon.

A post on Reddit is going viral all over the place. Tell the story of a man who went fishing and caught the same fish twice. Why can you confirm that?

On the left is a fish that this man caught nearly 2 months ago, at that time the fish was quite small, so this person lovingly released it, noting that it had a scratch on its body.

Two months later, the man returned to the stream, also in the same position, fishing, unexpectedly caught a fish very similar to two months ago but with a larger size, especially the scar in the matching position. The features on the scales are also very similar.

Watching the story, 90% of viewers confirmed that the injured little fish after 2 months continued to fall into the guy’s net, but was bigger:

“It’s so wonderful, nature is always surprised like that.”

“I get goosebumps watching it.”

– “Animals have poor memory, in the past I also caught a tailless mouse, so I let it go, a few weeks later I caught it in the same position.”

– “There are many fish in the river that caught him twice, it must be a charm”.

In addition, some other people who heard the story also suspected that there was a staging here. The hypothesis is that maybe the guy kept the fish to raise and 2 months later took a picture… fishing like. If that theory is true, then it’s really amazing just to have a famous photo!

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