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Child singer Jeffrey Li received a standing ovation on “America’s Got Talent” with his performance of “Raise Me Up”

When 13-year-old Chinese-Canadian Jeffrey Li stepped onto the America’s Got Talent stage, he stunned even Simon Cowell with his audition – so much so, that Simon promised he would buy Jeffrey a dog!

Jeffrey Li sang Josh Groban‘s “You Raise Me Up”, but before he did, Heidi Klum asked what he would do with $1 million.

“I’m an only child so I would love a companion. So I guess… a dog.” — Jeffrey Li

Simon Cowell asked him why he wanted to sing “You Raise Me Up” and Jeffrey Li responded that it helped him when he was sad and lonely.

Simon promised that if he did well in the audition, he would buy Jeffrey Li a dog!

Canadian Jeffrey Li won everyone’s hearts with his mesmerizing performance

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