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China channel threatens to destroy Japan in 4 pieces if involved in Taiwan

A video by a pro-Chinese military channel last week called for an all-out war with Japan, as it defended Taiwan against Chinese aggression. The video also outlines a plan to tear Japan into four states and a vassal state, after assuming that the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) won.

On July 13, the military commentary channel Thao Luoc posted a video titled “Will the United States and Japan defend Taiwan together? Our interference in the reunification of Taiwan means the annihilation of Japan!” Within a day, the video amassed 1.94 million views, 24,000 comments and 53,000 likes on the YouTube-like platform Xigua.

The video lists six key strategic points in the event of Japan’s attempt to intervene in the PLA’s invasion of Taiwan. First, the video narrator says that a pre-war strategy will be employed in which Taiwan and Japanese targets will become “two main lines of attack”.

The video claims that Taiwan will be the main focus of the attack, but it could be adjusted to include “Japanese territory” at any time. In the event that nuclear weapons are not used, forces will be deployed simultaneously towards Japan and Taiwan. The attack would take place first against Taiwan, then Japan, and end with Japan’s surrender.

The second strategic point of the video depicts a counterattack against Japan and emphasizes that instead of the Ryukyu Islands and southwestern Japan, the country’s four major islands should be the primary target, with the goal of war The strategy is to “destroy Japan.”

The host declares that this war against Japan has “unlimited conditions” and is an “unlimited war”, including the free use of tactical and strategic nuclear weapons.

With the third strategic point, the video claims that China will work with Russia and North Korea to form “three arrows” through the heart of Japan. Fourth, the video pledges that “the first war will be the last” and that regardless of the use of nuclear weapons, “we will defeat Japan”.

In the fifth point, the narrator swears that China will “crush Japan’s will to war” and that if it tries to separate Taiwan from China, it will surely “stir up the righteous outrage of Japan” our nation” and give the Chinese an opportunity to “revenge.” The video warned that Japan’s entry into the war would “mobilize the whole nation” and escalate the conflict into nuclear war, resulting in Japan’s destruction.

In the sixth and final entry, after Japan is hypothetically “defeated”, the narrator threatens to take “severe measures” than in the post-World War II era, including the divides Japan’s four largest islands into independent states. The creators of the video suggest that the islands be separated according to “the wishes of the people on each island.”

Each island nation was then supposed to have the right to build its own political institutions. Under the “supervision of China and Russia”, each country will create its own “peaceful constitution”.

All four of these “countries” will be administered by China and Russia, with both establishing military garrisons on the islands. Meanwhile, the Ryukyu Islands will either separate from Japan and be administered by China or become an independent country.

The video ends with an oath to punish Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, and Deputy Prime Minister Aso Taro, and force the Liberal Democratic Party as well as Japan’s right-wing organizations and parties to pay “heavy war reparations.”

According to human rights activist Jennifer Zeng, after making English subtitles and posting her version of the video on her YouTube page on July 14, the original video was removed.

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