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China is building villages in the Himalayas of India

China builds new villages along the China-India border (NDTV screenshot)

On April 2, experts warned that China is building new villages along the Himalayan border with India, in an attempt to cross unmarked boundaries to increase Chinese territory. This move is similar to Beijing’s encroachment strategy in the South China Sea. 

“The villages on the border along the Himalayas are equivalent to China’s artificial islands in the South China Sea and let’s not forget that in the South China Sea, China redrawn the geopolitical map without having to fire a single shot. What gun, ”Mr. Brahma Chellaney, professor of strategy research at the Center for Policy Research in New Delhi told the Voice of America on April 2.

“Beijing promotes expansionism not by directly using force, but through asymmetric and mixed war,” he stressed. That success in the South China Sea has encouraged China and this administration has applied it to the Himalayan border. ”

Satellite images analyzed by New Delhi Television (NDTV) in January show that China recently proceeded to build a new village within the boundaries of the northeastern Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh, which is The sutras illegally claim sovereignty as part of the fake territory they call “Southern Tibet”.

NDTV provided the aerial photographs to experts, and they estimate the new residential buildings will likely accommodate up to thousands of villagers.

Comparison of satellite images before, after and after the village appeared (NDTV screen shot)

“The latest image reflecting the state of village construction mentioned [above] was taken on November 1, 2020. And the photo taken more than a year earlier – August 26, 2019 – did not show any construction activity. Therefore, this village was built only last year, ”NDTV revealed, adding that China built these new buildings encroaching“ about 4.5 km [~ 2.8 miles] into Indian territory ”. .

According to experts, the village encroached about 4.5 km into Indian territory (NDTV screenshots)

The Indian Television Station also noted: “An authentic online map of the India Survey Corporation, used by the government as the official map, also clearly shows that the Chinese village is located in the Indian territory. ”

China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded to NDTV’s report on Jan. 22 by claiming that China’s construction activity in Arunachal Pradesh was justified, as Beijing considers the area part of China’s territory. .

“China’s stance in the east part of the China-India boundary, or also known as the Zangnan region (the southern part of Tibet belongs to China), is consistent and clear. We have never recognized the so-called illegally constructed Arunachal Pradesh area on Chinese territory, ”Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Xuan Oanh told reporters at a regular press conference. period.

“The main construction of China on its own territory is purely a matter of sovereignty,” Ms. Hoa asserted.

Currently, India is still fighting with China in the area along the Himalayan border. Conflict between the two countries began in June 2020, after Chinese border troops attacked an Indian border regiment in the northern Indian state of Ladakh, killing 20 Indian soldiers. It is estimated that 40 Chinese soldiers were also killed in the fighting. And the trigger for all of this is precisely because China has been building new military facilities near Ladakh in the previous months.

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