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China: People die from floods, propaganda is still optimistic ‘won!’

when Zhengzhou city in Henan province is suffering from ‘once in a thousand years’ floods, the suffering is unspeakable, yet the team ’50 cents – small pink chalk’ repeatedly repeats: “Rainfall in Zhengzhou greater than in Germany, but fewer deaths in Zhengzhou than in Germany. So we won again.”

A strange way of thinking…
Strange where? In the program The Vision of Happiness (Looking from afar), Scholar Duong Tinh Vien with a humanistic and unique perspective pointed out that:

“We have not talked about how large the death toll in Zhengzhou is, even if it is less than in Germany, could this be cause for celebration and praise? Is the happiness of some people based on the percentage of deaths?

Natural disasters that take life away are a tragedy for everyone. Even if only one person died in Zhengzhou, they should all be mourned and pondered. Life is precious. It cannot use more or less as a standard of measurement. It cannot be said: where you die many people are precious, where you die less ‘doesn’t count’.

Only experts with Chinese Communist Party (CCP) characteristics would say things like “compared to 1.4 billion people, how many thousands of deaths due to the epidemic is worth it”, this is a way of thinking. strange.

Many people have been brainwashed by the CCP and gradually lost their humanity, then “assisted the reverse axis” to erase the humanity of others. This is the most dangerous calamity and man-made disaster of the entire society.”

An important question is: After all, was the flood in Zhengzhou a natural disaster or a man-made man-made disaster?

Major disasters arise often as a form of interaction between natural disasters and man-made disasters. It is very difficult for us to divide the ratio 7/3 or 8/2 to make judgments. But from the information that Tien Duong has collected, we will have an independent and objective view.

Below is the information that Fairy Road has collected.

The CCP took up most of the broadcast to give ‘positive information’
“The flood in Zhengzhou from dawn to dusk on July 20, we saw that the CCP media reported a lot about… the German-European flood.

Henan TV was still broadcasting anti-Japanese dramas at that time, so it was difficult for the public to see information about the disaster situation in Zhengzhou. The type of disaster news updated in real time is even less available.

This leads to a direct result that most of the information channels of the people of Zhengzhou have been taken over by the CCP to spread so-called positive information.

This leads to people’s lack of vigilance in the face of calamities hanging over their heads, falling into a state of ignorance and paralysis in the face of danger. We’ve seen so many people get into accidents, they’re all in an unprepared situation, so they don’t know how to respond.

In addition, the “little pink roses”, the “50 cent army” coordinated with the CCP to spread fake news that the passengers on the subway had been saved, thus seriously hindering the call for help from the passengers. This is tantamount to exacerbating the disaster. This is part of ‘humanization’ (human-assisted animation).

Flooding without warning
“Zhengzhou is a relatively flat area, but people see that the water flows very fast and fast, even cars are swept up like floats. Normal rain cannot create such a slope in the plains.

On the official Weibo of the Propaganda Department of the Zhengzhou City Party Committee, there was a post at 1 am on July 21 saying that they “opened the flood discharge gate of the Thuong Trang reservoir at 10:30 am… on the morning of July 20″. From 10:30 a.m. on the 20th to 1 a.m. on the 21st is about more than… 14 hours.

The flood dischargers must notify the people downstream to evacuate, here they ‘pay for the aftermath’, after 14 hours of discharge, they will announce it”.

Disaster on subway line 5
“At 6:10 p.m. on July 20, the subway was ordered to stop operating. This raises the following questions:

+ Rain starts from July 18. Danger warnings have been in place for a long time. Why didn’t the management stop this subway station soon?

+ 3pm on July 20, Zhengzhou city center was heavily flooded. Buses and cars cannot be moved. Zhengzhou has one of the strictest citizen surveillance systems in the world, they must have seen this. Under normal circumstances, they should be on guard.

+ 500km away, at 3:00 pm on July 20, the train from the north station of Xi’an station to the east station of Zhengzhou station was stopped. But the Zhengzhou side did not stop the operation.

+ By 5pm on July 20, there was a heavy rain of 200mm (the average annual rain in Zhengzhou is 640mm, 200mm is nearly 1/3 of the rain in a year here). But Zhengzhou’s subway is still operating.

Combining these 4 facts, plus the flood discharge at 10:30 am on July 20 without notifying people to evacuate, we see that the Zhengzhou metro station manager did not do anything until 6:10 pm on the 20th. /7.

At this time, the Propaganda Department of Zhengzhou City Party Committee said that 500 people had been evacuated, 12 people died and 5 people were injured.

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