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Congressman Carter: Ms. Pelosi weaponized January 6 against the Conservatives

Representative Buddy Carter told Newsmax on July 20, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is “doing nothing but weaponizing the events of January 6 against conservatives” while there are many other things that The special committee may still be investigating.

Republican Representative Buddy Carter of Georgia (Video screenshot)

“This is a partisan proceeding,” the Georgia Republican said on Newsmax’s “John Bachman Now.” “She is trying to maintain this. If they really want to investigate something, why don’t they have a bipartisan investigation into the origins of COVID-19? Why don’t they investigate what happened last summer with the Black Lives Matter movement?”

Mr. Carter said that January 6 was a bad day, and “violence is never a good outcome. However, let’s face it. This committee is nothing more than a weapon that Nancy Pelosi is trying to use against conservatives.”

He added that Ms. Pelosi did not “take any responsibility” for the events of January 6, and that no one had tried to push any responsibility onto her.

“The problem that happened on January 6 was because the police on the Capitol were not prepared, and we didn’t have enough help, we weren’t properly protected. What role did Nancy Pelosi play in that event? This is another aspect that we need to consider.”

However, Democrats are focused on re-election in 2022, instead of paying attention to the important issues, Mr. Carter said.

He emphasized: “What about what is happening in Cuba right now? We have a Speaker of the House who is just trying to weaponize an event that we have all condemned.”

According to him, January 6, “was one of the saddest days of my life… it also made me angry. I feel angry at what happened”, but “trying to cling to the fact is not going to help us”.

Mr. Carter also commented on current affairs in his state of Georgia. Currently, Home Affairs Secretary Brad Raffensperger is asking that two Fulton County elections officials should be fired because of previous election problems in the locality.

“I don’t mean to speak for Brad Raffensperger,” he said. He could have and should have done more than he has done so far. But I applaud him for calling for these election officials to be removed from Fulton County.”

He realized the county had had an election problem for years and needed to fix it.

“We have to stay focused on our mission, and that mission is to vote fairly, to make sure every legitimate vote is counted. That’s why I’ve submitted to the Georgia Legislature asking for the passage of the Election Integrity Act, which will make voting easier and harder to cheat.”

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